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Essential Oils – The Truth About Aromatherapy

The Truth About Aromatherapy Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, is used to providea balance in body and mind, prevent and fight infections,and promote a sense of well-being. Essential oils arederived by extracting base oil from plants throughdistillation. The history of Aromatherapy stretches backhundreds of years and includes a many diverse cultures.Plants and their essential […]

Balancing tea blends for women

Female balancing blend1/2 cup dried red raspberry leaf and berries1 tsp. powdered wild yam root1/4 cup dried red-clover blossoms1/4 cup dried chamomile (unless you are allergic to ragweeds) This blend is rich in bioflavonoids, phyto-estrogens, and B-vitamins; assists in balancing hormones; safe for PMS and menopause. Fertility blend1/2 cup red raspberry leaves1/2 cup dried red-clover […]

Nervous System Tonics

The following essential oils have been shown to be supportive as tonics to the nervous system: Pine PatchouliChamomile (unless allergic to ragweeds)Clary SageJuniperLavenderMarjoramRosemarySandalwood A favorite blend includes: Sandalwood essential oil (5 drops)Spruce essential oil (5 drops)Frankincense essential oil (5 drops)Favorite carrier oil (1 tablespoon) The following Flower Essences may benefit those who are feeling stressed […]

Ananda offers CO2 Extract Black Pepper Essential Oil

Ananda Aromatherapy is now carrying CO2 Extract Black Pepper Essential Oil from India. This wonderful, warming, slightly spicy essential oil is teriffic in small amounts for massage oils and natural perfumes. A delightful earthy, tonifying, and sensual oil blend: Black pepper essential oil (2 drops)Ylang-ylang essential oil (3 drops) Your favorite carrier oil (1 tabelspoon) […]

Our New Essential Oil Resource Page

Ananda Apothecary has improved it’s navigation of our essential oil offerings by creating a new resource page: Pure Essential Oils and Absolutes from Ananda. On this page you’ll find an overview of Ananda Aromatherapy, Ananda Apothecary’s brand of essential oils. You’ll also find a complete list of our essential oils, with direct links to each, […]

Ananda offers Tangerine Essential Oil

Ananda is now offering the wonderfully bright scent of Tangerine Essential Oil. Traditional uses of Tangerine Oil are calming of anxiety and for the digestive system. For anxiety, Tangerine Oil can be used in a diffuser or oil lamp, with the aroma gently distributed throughout your space. For digestive issues, particularly flatulence, Tangerine Oil should […]

Ananda Launches Essential Oil Recipes for Aromatherapy Page

Ok, so it’s really just a start, but we’ll be attempting to add essential oil and aromatherapy recipes daily to our new Essential Oil Recipes page. We’ll be including aromatherapy recipes for diffuser use and topical application. Recipes will include formulas for stress reduction, meditiation, romantic atmospheres and more. Ananda will soon be adding pages […]

Ananda’s Amber Essence Essential Oil Blends

A little product highlight: Ananda Apothecary’s own Amber-based essential oil blends. The amber is a simply amazing aroma, with a deep, rich, woody and smooth character. Amber itself is actually a blend of extracts from tree resins, with the complete amber essential oil blend containing the following ingredients: Amber Essence Extract Premium Dark Amber Extract […]

Getting Started with Flower Essences

“What are flower essences and how do I use them?” WELL! Here is a great .pdf questionaire from the Flower Essence Society which answers just that: This extensive downloadable document includes a fantastic description of what flower essences are, how they work, and how you can go about choosing one or more essences for […]

Highland Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight

A spotlight on Ananda Aromatherapy’s Highland Lavender Essential Oil – Ananda has searched for the most exquisite of Lavender Oils, and found this one to be our favorite: Highland Lavender Essential Oil This is a wildcrafted Lavender Oil grown in the mountains of France – hence the term ‘Highland’ in it’s name. The beauty of […]