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New Oils: Vanilla CO2 and Vanuatu Sandalwood

It’s that time again! Ananda Aromatherapy has added two fantastic oils to our lineup: A Vanilla CO2 Total essential oil, with a high 26.5% vanillin content. This is truely pleasureable, very smooth and complete. A great addition to many blends, as vanilla tends to ‘smooth the edges’ of other oil combinations. It’s emotionally soothing, and […]

Ananda Offering Vanilla CO2 Essential Oil

We’ve finally found a Vanilla oil we like that’s actually somewhat affordable. This is a fantastic CO2 extract, with a total vanillin content of 26.5% – that’s truly high. Only a little of this goes a long way, and the aroma lasts. Also new to Ananda Aromatherapy is a Sandalwood oil from the island of […]