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About Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy makes use of Essential oils. This 3-Part article will provide some detailed insight into the use of Essential oils in Aromatherapy. We will look at: a) Where Essential oils come from, b) The way Essential oils affect the mind and emotions, and c) The way Essential oils affect the etheric body or the physcho-spiritual […]

Aromatherapy Basics – What Are Essential Oils?

As the interest in aromatherapy grows for those interested in alternative health, wellness, and fitness, many folks ask “what are essential oils” and “how do they differ from other oils like olive oil, coconut and the like”? This brief primer should help clarify the matter, and get you started in the wonderful world of aromatherapy. […]

Guidelines for the Beginning Aromatherapist

Guidelines that Aromatherapy enthusiasts ought to know Combined with the mode on new age events on the rise, interests in aromatherapy are building up once again. Judging from the spa houses and massage parlors that have been heard opening up in most every street corner, the utilization of plant extracts especially oil and scents for […]