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Treating Headaches with Essential Oils

If you are looking for a natural headache relief, you can consider aromatherapy as an option. This form of relief option will be useful especially if you have to deal with chronic headaches or migraines as a part of your ongoing life. You can avoid adverse side effects when you reduce your reliance on drugs […]

An Brief Overview of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils made from herbs, leaves, flowers, and bark is both fragrant and therapeutic (meaning they have been studied to have positive, beneficial effects on both human physiology and psychology –ed). Each aromatherapy oil has particular therapeutic properties depending on it’s chemical makeup, so it?s a good idea to learn and understand a few. Aromatherapy […]

Essential Oils Effective Against ‘Superbug’

From the BBC News: Tests of a new machine at a hospital have found it could be effective in the battle against the superbug MRSA. Consultants at Wythenshawe Hospital found that using a vaporizer to spray essential oils into the atmosphere killed off micro-organisms. Airborne bacterial counts dropped by 90% and infections were reduced in […]

Essential Oils Effective for PMS Symptoms

From the KTIV Channel 4 Health Beath: Women, you know what it’s like. The bloating, cramping, and heightened stress of PMS. But there’s good news, it’s all about to get a lot easier. Women are slipping off their shoes. Exposing their toes and tummies, all to fight PMS. Patient Tricia Northam says, “I did it […]

Essential Oils for Use Throughout the Day

Aromatherapy Essential Oils have proved to be very powerful in relieving many common and annoying ailments and are most definitely recommended as a more natural way to maintain good health than the modern-day drug therapy that is commonly practiced and grossly overused by our health professionals. However, the exciting thing about Aromatherapy and the use […]