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Evening Primrose Oil and Skin Care

Evening primrose oil has been the subject of many studies in relation to skin health. Here are two studies which demonstrate its efficacy in both general skin care and in combating eczema. We highly recommend using Evening Primrose oil in your skin care blends, along with other anti-inflammation healing carrier oils like Tamanu nut, Rosehip Seed, […]

Myrrh Essential Oil Studied for After Sun Exposure

A study just released notes that Myrrh essential oil is effective for post-sun exposure protection of the skin. UV rays start a free-radical cascade that results in damage to skin cells, and applying Myrrh oil (we’d recommend 3% in a carrier) after sun exposure will halt the peroxidation. Our owner personally uses a formula after […]

Studies on Essential Oils as Sleep Aids

Lavender essential oil is a well known sleep aid — a drop or two on the pillow or bedspread at night improves sleep for many people. Some even run a diffuser slowly releasing lavender over the course of the night. But lavender doesn’t work for everyone — particularly those who aren’t especially fond of its […]

Essential Oils Show Positive Effects In Oral Hygiene

Another study has confirmed the efficacy of using essential oils in preparations such as toothpaste and mouthwash for reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth. This is important, as it is bacteria that cause all of our dental troubles, from tooth decay, to plaque, to gum disease. You can experiment yourself by adding a […]