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Hemp Oil Improves Dermatitis, Better than Flax for Essential Fats

Hemp oil is really underutilized as a carrier oil in aromatherapy. It provides very high levels of essential fats, that are beneficial when ingested and used topically. Omega-3 fats are highly regarded for their inflammation-taming properties, and are important for a significant amount of bodily processes to work properly. These two studies reveal some important […]

Keeping Mosquitos Away With Essential Oils

It’s summer time again and along with it comes the host of those little winged creatures, buzzing around our ears and feasting on our flesh. No, it doesn’t sound so wonderful, yet somehow neither does the thought of spraying DEET on ourselves, and our children’s skin. Thankfully, many wonderful natural alternatives are available — and […]

Essential Oil Vapors Studied for Sedative Effects

It appears that mice get the same sort of jitters from caffeine that humans do. And they respond in a statistically significant manner to the sedative effects of essential oil vapors (as produced by aromatherapy diffusers). Here are a few studies of the effects ~ note that the effects of Lavender are confirmed, along with […]

Essential Oils Studied for Pain Relief

Essential oils have long been used as the ‘active’ ingredients in massage oils to relieve pain an improve circulation. We’re particularly fond of Helichrysum essential oil for its dramatic pain relieving effects. Researchers have been studying essential oils for their effects on arthritic conditions. Note that the results do not show long-term healing action with […]

Basil Essential Oils Studied for Acne Care

Several essential oils exhibit antimicrobial properties that are effective in the care of acne. They seem to produce healing effects similar to synthetic preparations, but without side effects like drying and peeling. Here is a study describing the action of Basil essential oils; other oils commonly used for acne treatment include Tea Tree and Myrtle […]