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Using Essential Oils for Natural Immune System Support

While much emphasis has been placed on the mood-elevating, anti-anxiety effects of essential oils, the medical aromatherapy literature repeatedly states that the most promising use of natural aromatic oils is inĀ supporting immune system function. Many guides are available for detailed instructions for using essential oils in this way – here we’ll offer a primer on […]

Tea Tree Essential Oil Shown Effective Against Staph Bacteria

Staphylococcus bacteria are the cause of infection in many, many situations (ranging from acne to life-threatening systemic and bronchial infections). MRSA, a drug-resistant strain of this bacteria has been dubbed ‘the superbug’ due to its challenging medical implications. Many, many studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals describing the antibacterial action of Tea Tree essential […]

New Studies Continue to Confirm the Anxiety-Reducing Effects of Lavender Essential Oil

Studies often utilize lavender essential oil, as its effects are well documented, it is easy to obtain, and now appears to display it’s aroma-therapeutic effect in a wide variety of conditions. The first study examines the use of lavender oil as an ingredient in the Ayurvedic methodology called ‘Shirdohara’, or the dripping/pouring of a warm […]