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National Aromatherapy Conference 2009 this February

The following is the schedule for the 2009 Aromatherapy conference to be held in San Rafael, California, this February 20th – 22nd. The focus this year is “Degenerative and Auto-immune Diseases”. The conference is presented by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Visit their website for more information. The following is a list of the presenters […]

Thyme and Peppermint Studied for Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Actions

Recent studies are examining essential oils as means to preserve food without the use of synthetic chemicals. The two important features of essential oil activity is that they act both as antimicrobials, preventing the growth of unwanted micro-organisms, and as anti-oxidants, preserving ‘freshness’. (These actions take place not only in petri dishes, but within humans […]

Getting the Most from Essential Oils Using Reflexology

Evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, and Indians all worked on the feet as a tool to encourage good health. Originally known as ‘reflex zone therapy’, Reflexology is a holistic healing method that involves pressure and massage of the reflex points found on the feet and/or the hands. Reflexology teaches that one’s […]