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National Aromatherapy Conference 2009 this February

The following is the schedule for the 2009 Aromatherapy conference to be held in San Rafael, California, this February 20th – 22nd. The focus this year is “Degenerative and Auto-immune Diseases”. The conference is presented by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Visit their website for more information. The following is a list of the presenters [...]

The following is the schedule for the 2009 Aromatherapy conference to be held in San Rafael, California, this February 20th – 22nd. The focus this year is “Degenerative and Auto-immune Diseases”. The conference is presented by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Visit their website for more information.

The following is a list of the presenters and their topics:

A convincing body of scientific research confirms the singular ability of essential oils to reduce the risk of developing tumors. Studies on the antitumor effects of essential oil components have been funded by the NIH and have resulted in a key patent held by the United States.

The fact that essential oil efficacy against tumors is not better known as a consequence of the way healthcare and pharmaceutical dollars are allocated. Since well known and traditional natural medicines cannot be patented, returns on investment are difficult to monopolize. Funds for research predominantly go to synthetic substances which can be owned exclusively by their manufacturer.

Plenary lectures, featuring world-renowned scientists and physicians, are complemented by panel presentations where members of the aromatherapy community share their practical essential oil applications


Michael Wink: Scientific Basis for Essential Oil Efficacy

In the perspective of conventional medicine, medicinal plant extracts are generally considered to be of low efficacy. Prof Wink makes the point that this is due the difficulty, conventional pharmacology has, to correctly assess the activity of natural multicomponent mixtures.

Plants cannot run away when attacked by herbivores nor do they have an immune system to fight infection. Instead, they have developed biologically active secondary metabolites to serve as their defense.

Prof. Wink will present the molecular mechanisms by which secondary plant metabolites induce physiological effects and also how natural multicomponent mixtures such as essential oils have evolved to become highly effective and how they outperform mono substances.

Jeffrey Yuen: Essential Oils for Degenerative Disease

Jeffrey Yuen has pioneered the application of essential oils according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. Mr. Yuen draws from unparalleled knowledge of the traditions of Chinese medicine. He has fascinated aromatherapy enthusiasts everywhere as he unifies time-tested tradition with contemporary aromatherapy.

According to Classical Chinese medicine, degenerative disease develops when we no longer regenerate sufficiently because our ability to derive energy and nutrients from the food we eat has become impaired. A first step to reversing degenerative processes is to use essential oils according to the individual constitution of a patient so that nutrients are properly digested and absorbed and waste materials are eliminated.

Scott Franzblau: Essential Oil Efficacy against Tuberculosis

Professor Scott G. Franzblau, PhD is director of the Institute for Tuberculosis Research at the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois, where he has been conducting experiments demonstrating the efficacy of a number of essential oils against the bacterium that causes most cases of tuberculosis: Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

James Geiger: Aromatherapy in the 21st Century

Dr. James Geiger, MD is a practicing anesthesiologist and author of The Sweet Smell of Success. He will present a review of the latest research covering hitherto unfamiliar areas of essential oil efficacy:

* Efficacy of Essential Oils against the Chagas pathogen.
* Inhibition of the inflammatory protein NF-KB by sesquiterpenes.
* Diabetic gangrene with essential oils.
* Black Pepper essential oil for stroke patients.
* Inhibition of inflammation by essential oils of Ginger, Helichrysum and Frankincense blocking LOX (Lipo oxygenase) and COX (Cyclo oxygenase).
* Lessening symptoms osteo arthritis.
* Essential oils and appetite suppression.

Elson Haas: Nutrition Strategies and Degenerative Diseases

Dr. Elson Haas, MD is the author of numerous books including Staying Healthy with the Seasons. He combines eastern and natural approaches with western modalities. Based on his many years of experience and his medical background Dr. Haas will discuss nutritional aspects in degenerative disease.

Richard Maldonado: Aging: A Native American Perspective

In his practice, Richard Maldonado has helped countless individuals master life’s challenges through the wisdom of his Native American heritage. In this culture, plant spirit is tapped to remedy imbalances of the soul. Mr. Maldonado will tell American plant tales and visit some of the ceremonial aspects of his Peruvian lineage.

Pam Taylor: Supporting Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases

Dr. Pam Taylor is a practicing naturopath confronted with real-life problems on a daily basis. She will share her experiences on reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea as well as the many ways in which degenerative disease symptoms in the elderly can be eased or even cleared up with essential oils.
Mark Webb

Medical Applications of Australian Aromatics

Mark Webb is the author of the much acclaimed Bush Sense, The Clinical and Medical Applications of Australian Aromatics. He will discuss commonly and some not so commonly available Australian aromatics, as well as their, developing clinical and medicinal uses, from Tea Tree to Agonis fragrans and Kunzea.

Gary Young: Therapeutic Spectrum of Ecuadorian Essential Oils

Dr. Gary Young, ND is the author of several books and the authority behind the hugely popular Young Living enterprise. In his presentation, Dr. Young will share results about indigenous essential oils of Ecuador as well as revolutionary research about intravenous application of Melissa essential oil to restore atrophied liver

Reducing Environmental Toxicity for Companion Animals: Nancy Brandt

Detoxification protocols with essential oils can be used internally and topically with animals, to clean the home environment from harmful toxins and also to neutralize bacterial, viral and fungal challenges.


Janice Hein: Essential Oils in Corporate Clinical Environments

In the US medical use of essential oils has been mostly limited to individuals. Clinical application as seen in other countries is the exception. Ms. Hein will discuss the politics, policies, financial support, and maneuvering involved with aromatherapy implementation in hospitals.


Lance Morris: Resonant Sound Therapy

Resonant sound arises by the patient making a vocal tone and the practitioner adding a resonant overtone ultimately leading to fascial release.


Greg Toews: Energy Healing and Essential Oils

Principles of energy healing are universal to all spiritual practices. Healing and spiritual growth go hand in hand. Medical aromatherapy is a perfect tool to connect energetic cleansing and anchoring of spiritual energies in a quantifiable fashion.

Robbi Zeck: Emotional Support for the Chronically Ill

Emotional aspects and family support are significant in the mitigation of chronic conditions. Skillful selection of essential oils helps chronically ill patients in attaining a positive state of mind.
Meet the Distillers

Producers from Australia, Germany, and the US: Georg Effner will present his unique distillation technique for essential oils such as Angelica Seed and Hops and reference antitumor effects of Angelica archangelica. Peta and John Day are the exclusive producers of Fragonia (Agonis fragrans), which along with Kunzea, has inspired aromatherapy. Peta and John will speak about these and other oils they produce. Janet Brown and Marty Jacobson from AllStar organics will share their experiences growing and distilling aromatic plants in the Marin County hamlet Lagunitas.*

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