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Lavender: Nature’s Anxiolytic

  The lavender plant, endemic to the Mediterranean, has long been cherished for its scent, therapeutic qualities and cooking use. Essential oil of lavender is referred to as the “mother” of aromatherapy oils by essential oils teacher Salvatore Battaglia. Lavender’s flowery, yet gentle, the scent is subtle and supportive. Unlike rose or jasmine flower essential […]

Aromatherapy Research Update: Essential Oils Can Help With Your Smarts

  Scientific research regarding health and medical applications of essential oils is going on regularly at universities and other facilities around the world. Many of these studies are immediately applicable to aromatherapy practitioners for improved health and well-being, while others spark interest in the potential of essential oils as a part of future medicine protocols. […]

The Incredible Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil Aroma

Simple Lemon essential oil is often overlooked for it’s aroma-therapeutic effects, mostly as it’s not very exotic. Lemon…”ho-hum, I’ve got lemons in the ‘fridge”…but the idea of Frankincense or Helichrysum sounds like it might do us more good ~ in a mysterious sort of way. But all essential oils have their use, and lemon is […]

Study Confirms Synergistic Antimicrobial Effect of Natural Essential Oil Constituents

Here’s wonderful evidence that nature is making balanced medicine ~ that the past ventures of western science to “isolate the active ingredient” in a natural substance, then use ONLY that is really not necessary. In fact, it’s been somewhat wasteful in term of the energy requirements needed to single out the “active ingredient” rather than […]

Joining the Medical Aromatherapy Explosion

As consumers, we are truly embracing the natural health movement. We’ve taken a good hard look at our medical system, and realize there must be something better — and it turns out that Nature has been offering it this entire time in the myriad forms of plant medicine approaches. Using plants and herbs for possible […]

A Great New Carrier Oil: Fractionated Coconut

Ananda Aromatherapy has just added a wonderful carrier oil with a very diverse list of applications: Fractionated Coconut oil. Yes, our reaction was a little strange too: “Fractionated”? Is that good? Yes, now we can use this excellent carrier oil ~ which is typically solid at room temperature ~ for all our aromatherapy needs. Fractionation […]