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Essential Oils Reviewed for Greater Use in Hospitals

Many studies and reviews of therapeutic essential oils on Pub Med are showing an inclination toward essential oil use by mainstream medicine. Bacterial infections such as MRSA (where the condition is life threatening, and the bacteria resistant to antibiotics) are prompting investigation into alternative therapies. This study just released is more a review of the […]

Essential Oils for Hair: Oils to Stimulate Growth

Essential oils hold the promise for a great many people of stimulating the growth of bountiful healthy hair. Whether one is regrowing hair after hair loss, preventing the loss of hair, or just looking to make their hair more beautiful and lustrous than ever, essential oils and the carrier oils that comprise therapeutic aromatherapy formulas […]

Essential Oil’s Anti-Viral Effects

Interest is growing regarding the immune-supportive effects of essential oils, and particularly their antiviral actions. The world’s leading aroma-medicine practitioners consider protection from infectious diseases one of aromatherapy’s most effective applications. Many essential oils have demonstrated anti-viral effects, through multiple pathways: By preventing virus replication, through improving the efficiency of our white blood cells, and […]