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Can Essential Oils Be effective with Swine Flu?

Supporting Immunity from Influenza with Essential Oils With the news of potential pandemic influenza prevailing the airwaves, many folks are turning to natural medicines to support their immune system. There’s great interest in protecting one’s self and one’s family from Swine Flu, Avian Flu and the like. Although there have not been any large-scale trials […]

Essential Oils Studied as Protective Agents for Neurological Disorders

Several recent studies have focused on the potential of essential oils to act as protectants to neurological disorders. Some of these studies have focused specifically on the anti-oxidant effects of essential oils, where oxidation (the destruction or alteration of biological molecules by other potentially damaging molecules containing certain forms of oxygen) plays a role. Other […]

DEET Condemmed, While Essential Oils Are Shown Effective as Insect Repellents

Recent news has confirmed suspicions regarding the health effects of DEET, the world’s most commonly used insect repellent. DEET, which is the acronim for the chemical N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide. The chemical has now been implicated in potentially causing damage to the nervous system, and may be particularly harmful to children — who’s developing physiology is more sensitive […]