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Research Shows Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Essential Oils

For much of mankind’s history, people have used herbal treatments to reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. The bark of the Willow tree has given us ‘the wonder drug’ for pain reduction, which actually occurs due to a reduction of inflammation. Now, many professional therapists lay-practitioners are turning to essential oils for inflammation […]

Geranium Essential Oil Offers Many Therapies, Fights ‘Superbug’

Historical Insights Into This Very Diverse Plant Genus Commonly known as geranium, species of Pelargonium are widely cultivated around the world. Of the hundreds of varieties of this perennial shrub, only about a handful are actively cultivated for commercial use. There is an actual botanical genius called Geranium that shares the same family as Pelargonium, […]

Reaching for Essential Oil as Medicine

by Brenda Reynolds, MA Science Education, for The Ananda Apothecary Scientists Turning to Aromatherapy In the last few years, there has been more attention focused on the consequences of using antibiotics and commercially produced antibacterial products. Reports of compromised immune systems and increased incidences of drug-resistant bacteria, fungi, and viruses are well documented. Medical researchers […]