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Five Carrier Oils for Beauty #2: Rosehip Seed

Rosehip seed oil is one the original natural plant oils discovered by modern science to be a beauty enhancer, acting as a natural “Retin-A”. Here, we’ll describe what it does, how to use it – with recipes at the end of the article.   A Summary of Rosehip Seed Oil’s Actions Rosehip seed oil acts […]

Five Carrier Oils for Beauty ~ #1 is Tamanu

  We’ve  decided to list and explain our 5 favorite carrier oils for skin care blends in one blog post (but it turned out to be too long for the in-depth learning our customers deserve, so we’ve separated it into a post for each wonderfully therapeutic oil). We’ve also included several blends at the bottom […]

Melissa Essential Oil: New Research, A New Lower Price, and Free Shipping on this Wonderful Oil

We simply love Melissa Essential Oil (also called “lemon balm” for many reasons. It’s got a great herbaceous aroma (which is actually an acquired “taste” by some!) and an incredible host of therapeutic properties. And now, due to a relationship with an organic distiller, we’ve been able to reduce the cost of this oil significantly, […]