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Healthy Skin In Summer Sun: Blends for Skin Aging

Soviet cosmonauts once considered sea buckthorn berry oil as a protectant for the skin from powerful sun rays in outer space. Thankfully we don’t need rockets for the tests! It’s really easy to make yourself an after-sun, strongly anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and hydrating blend that will mitigate the damage that UV rays can do. The important […]

Customer Success Stories with Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum is my personal favorite essential oil for therapeutic use — it’s aroma varies from a little like “linament”, to something like sweet hay. I haven’t noticed the difference in aroma in the physical therapeutic respect… We’ve had SO many customers of late tell us how well the Helichrysum essential oil is working for them. […]

Great Essential Oil Blends for Repelling Those Bugs!

It’s that buggy time of year again, and we always love to tell folks how effective essential oils can be as mosquito repellents on the body and inside spaces – AND how to choose and blend the best oils. (See blends at the bottom 🙂   It’s great to know that several essential oils are […]

There’s A Eucalyptus Oil Everyone Will Like!

Eucalyptus essential oils have been among the most popular both in Aromatherapy as well as ingredients in pharmaceutical preparations primarily for relief of congestion and cold symptoms. But they do so much more! There’s sure to be one you’ll like! Here’s a little list of what we’ve got… Blue Gum Eucalyptus – Also called “Eucalyptus […]