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New Research Confirms the Anti-Stress Effects of These Essential Oils

Several recently-published studies have confirmed the stress- and anxiety-reducing actions of essential oils. Research used both inhaled and ingested oils of Lavender and Bergamot, and inhaled Sweet Orange. Further, research into Lavender and Bergamot partially elucidated the neurological actions of their anti-stress activity in the brain. A study using Sweet Orange had humans subjects, and […]

Aching Muscles or Joints? Try Our Favorite Pain Relieving Blend!

Developed by our owner originally to manage ‘shin splints’, this formula can work amazingly well on any injury to the muscular-skeletal system. In fact, the blend seems to act almost instantly, likely due to the speed at which essential oils pass through the skin and into the underlying tissues. What is it aboutĀ ibuprofenĀ that gives it […]