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The Research on Antiviral Essential Oils – Plus: How We Use Them

Did you know there are hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating the anti-viral actions of essential oils? And that using these oils in support of your own health is really simple to do?* Here’s a quick review of the research, and how we use essential oils to keep us healthy throughout the year…Yes, we’ll get into […]

Using Helichrysum to Speed Healing from Injuries, Reduce Pain and Inflammation, ‘Why’ it Works, and More!

I’m one of the founders of The Ananda Apothecary, and Helichrysum is my downright favorite essential oil. There are many that vie for the aromatic favorite, but if there’s one oil I couldn’t be without, it’s Helichrysum. Why? Because it works, and it’s effects are noticeable by virtually everyone who uses it.   Healing Sports […]