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Research Says Inhaling Essential Oils Will Reduce Stress!

Science is validating that ‘aroma’-therapy can significantly reduce cortisol levels in humans through simple inhalation of essential oils! At the end of this post is the abstract of an important study which concludes that inhalation of Rose essential oil or ‘Rose Otto‘ can limit commonly-researched markers of stress. Cortisol Reduced by Rose Otto   Cortisol is a hormone […]

Boost Your Happiness Factor This Winter With Bergamot, Grapefruit and Rose!

Try this recipe for a wonderfully uplifting blend: As the days become shorter with fewer hours of sunlight, some folks start to feel a bit blue.  So I thought I’d share a recipe I call “Sunshine in a Bottle”! I have modified the blend and recommend using it in our Synergy Diffuser at home or […]

A Stressful Time of Year? Science Confirms ‘Anxiolytic’ Effects of Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils

When it’s getting a little stressful around the home or office, one of our absolute favorite single essential oils for diffusing is our tart organic Italian Bergamot…for those who enjoy a little sweeter scent, our classic Sweet Orange is fresh and wonderful too… And Western science has confirmed the stress-reducing or ‘anxiolytic’ actions of inhalation […]