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The Most Effective Natural Preservative for Your Blends

We are often asked “what’s the best way to preserve my blends?”, “how long will my blends last?” and “should I keep some of my carrier oils in the refrigerator until they’re used?” BY FAR the best way to NATURALLY preserve ANY essential oil/carrier oil blend is to use our Organic Rosemary CO2 in your […]

CO2-Extracted Oils: Why They’re So Awesome, How They’re Different than Steam Distillates, and Making The Best Choices for Your Uses

Our wildcrafted and organic ‘CO2 extracts’ are some of the very finest oils  at Ananda, oils which are not commonly available at the ‘major’ essential oil companies. Here’s a little tutorial on how they’re made, and why they have profound therapeutic potential… What the Heck Is CO2 and SCO2 Distillation??? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and ‘Supercritical’ Carbon […]