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This Year’s Distillation of Corsican Helichrysum Has Arrived!

Corsican Helichrysum has a reputation for the finest variety of this essential oil available. We’ve partnered with a distiller on the island of Corsica to bring you this wonderful oil straight from the source. See all available sizes and prices here. This is the variety of Helichrysum we use most. It’s aroma and therapeutic properties […]

Scientific Research Says Inhaling Essential Oils Will Reduce Stress!

Science is validating that ‘aroma’-therapy can significantly reduce cortisol levels in humans through simple inhalation of essential oils! At the end of this post is the abstract of an important study which concludes that inhalation of Rose essential oil or ‘Rose Otto‘ can significantly reduce commonly-researched markers of stress. Cortisol Reduced by Rose Otto   Cortisol is a […]

The Three Most Popular Anti-Bacterial Essential Oils, and Which One We Think Is Best!

Almost every essential oil ever tested for anti-bacterial activity has shown at least a moderate anti-bacterial action, and there are a few oils that are most highly regarded for this property, namely Oregano, Tea Tree and ‘Benchmark’ Thyme – though one of these stands out as our favorite.     Oregano is the ‘heavy hitter’ […]