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Science Says you can Get Smarter, Be Happier & Sleep Better with these essential oils

Get Smart! Be Happy! Sleep Tight! The Science of Improving Memory, Lifting your Mood & Sleeping Better with Essential Oils Scientific data affirming the positive benefits of essential oils for a better quality of life is growing. Because we just love this stuff, we want to share with everyone. Simply smelling the aroma of essential […]

The Science of Memory and Aromatics: Jump Start Your Brain with These Essential Oils

The Latest Research Shows Basil, Rosemary and Melissa are Wonderful for Memory Retention, Recall and More! Imagine a beautiful trilogy of aromas which fuels your mind and memory as their combined scents drift through the air. Should you diffuse pure essential oils of Rosemary, Melissa and Basil, you may find your sense of well-being instantly […]