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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

A Spotlight of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Ylang ylang, pronounced ee-lung ee-lung, is as exotic sounding as the tropical regions from where these fragrant flowers originate. The name means, “flower of flowers” and the abundantly sweet flowers are prettily colored pink, mauve or yellow, colors frequently seen during sunrise and sunset. These trees flourish in […]

Eucalyptus Essential Oil History and Uses

The History, Sources, And Medicinal Effects of Eucalyptus Essential Oils It is said that the Eucalyptus tree is one of the most useful trees in the world. Belonging to the Myrtacae family (the same family as Tea tree), the name Eucalyptus means ‘well-covered’ which refers to the little cap that covers the flower before budding. […]

The Wonders of Helichrysum Essential Oil

The Wonders of Helichrysum Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil for Sports Injuries, Bruises, and Tissue Repair: A Primer for Active Health and Fitness Readers. (See our Helichrysum Italicum Oil Here.) ‘Aromatherapy’ has become an extremely misleading term in America; the position of ‘Aromatherapist’ was ranked as one of the top 100 ‘quackery’ up-and-coming new jobs […]

Essential Oils for Healing the Skin

Essential Oils for Healing the Skin Healing the Skin with Essential Oils Trends in health and beauty are placing more trust in the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. Skin care is no exception, with more women coming to realize the purity of what they put on their skin is as important as that of […]