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Brilliant Transformation: Intuitive Essential Oil Blending

We worked with a healer who creates essential oil blends, and asked that one be made for ‘the best intention’ for our customers. This is the story of the blend that was made for Ananda (exactly 108 5ml bottles are available for free beginning the morning of January 10, 2018 ~ once they’re all gone, [...]

Brilliant Transformation Essential Oil Blend

Brilliant Transformation, a wonderful example of intuitive blending.

We worked with a healer who creates essential oil blends, and asked that one be made for ‘the best intention’ for our customers. This is the story of the blend that was made for Ananda (exactly 108 5ml bottles are available for free beginning the morning of January 10, 2018 ~ once they’re all gone, there won’t be any more. She didn’t give us the recipe (but it’s made up of Angelica, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense and Cedarwood ~ note that: Flower, Resin, Wood, Root, all in one bottle ūüôā

Brilliant Transformation is an unique blend¬†in that¬†no calculations or standard textbook protocols were used in it’s formulation.¬†It’s creation¬†was originally only intended for the use by one person: my Mother.¬† It was crafted out of deep love, and divined – or rather, designed in what I call a co-creation with divine guidance or from that of the higher mind.

My Personal Confession of Intuitive Blending

Should this sound curious or crazy to some of you, let me start with this  personal insight: I have a special relationship with essential oils at Ananda Apothecary that is outside the chemistry lab, yet inherently linked in biological and energetic manners that the scientists measure and use.

angelica flower

Angelica LOUDLY proclaimed itself to the blender (not really in a literal sentence) …”I will lift your Mother’s vibration high!”

While the¬†creation of formulas for many clinical practitioners is handled with care from¬†an oil’s molecular constituent ratio and/or percent concentration¬†standpoint — often based on research — I‚Äôve crafted many custom blends for myself, family and friends using my higher guidance. (I leave the ‘technical’ blending to those who do very well in that realm :).

I also connect with the plant essences (oils) themselves on an energetic level, whereby I ‘tune in’ to their frequency. I take time to sense the plants’/oils’ energetic presence, and here is where we find each other in a way we can communicate.¬† I tend to connect with the plants (essential oils) in my own heartfelt way.¬† Often I will speak out loud to them, as one would talk to their plants, and they respond in kind.

BTW – I do know that many of you blend in a similar manner, with your own ways of formulaic divination. Of course there are many folks who have not heard of this process or experienced it, so I thought with customers of Ananda, I’d share this technique… and for 108 customers, the blend itself! (See our Sales and Specials page for more).

How ‘Brilliant Transformation’ Came About

First, Set an Intention! Let me start by revealing two things, 1)  I was making this for my Mother who was suffering from stage IV breast cancer, and 2) I really, really, really, wanted with my entire heart and soul, to help her heal. This was my intention in developing the blend explained here.

(*Note!¬†The Ananda Apothecary is not making any claims to this being a ‘cancer curing’ formula, ~ we’re not actually giving away the recipe, as it is for the creator’s personal use. We do invite you to experience ‘intuitive’ or ‘energetic’ blending¬† if you have yet to do so, and encourage you to ‘keep up the good work!’ if you use techniques like this already.¬†Again, this is one person’s experience with intuitive blending, and how the formula of Brilliant Transformation came about, not an implication that this or other essential oils and formulas are for prevention, treatment or curing of any disease. Also, from the editor and Ananda’s owner, Eric: I do not blend this way, I’m very much a technician. My blends smell wonderful (IMHO), but I’m often looking for a combination of therapeutic properties that science has implicated oils may posses – after much sifting through research on and other sources. BOTH ways are valid – I actually wish I can do this, or at least quickly cultivate the skill…but everyone has their gifts!).

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Aged, wildcrafted Himalayan Cedarwood is the bottom note in this amazing formula.

With my intention set, I began to craft an oil that would help her experience a quick shift of her deteriorating condition (tumors had begun protruding from her skin).  I also wanted it to energetically uplift her state of being, and/or emotional aspects such that the medicine would not only work on the symptomatic reflection, but elevate her own emotional-energetic essence.

Working Beyond the Physical Body

We all know the beneficial and immediate effects that essential oils have through our olfactory system, yet there is very little published research that shows how essential oils affect our energy-body, or our energetic being from a frequency standpoint. It is in this field that I work and focused on cultivating within this blend.

I knew this was possible knowing the body, mind and spirit are all interwoven as ONE completely integrated being. While I could not change her mind or outlook, I could perhaps, offer assistance to her body (symptoms) and spirit (light-energy) and for all practical analogies: lift her spirits. A happier human is a healthier human. Therefore, if one’s spirit is elevated, the vibration within the body is also lifted and this creates healing.

To begin the blending process, I do not see just oils in a bottle.
I see the oil itself as a true, pure, living essence of that plant itself.

The essential oil‚Äôs essence ‚Äď all it‚Äôs biological, chemical, molecular, DNA structured attributes– when in full bloom are captured with precise care. The process of extracting an essential oil is done so as to NOT destroy it‚Äôs integral qualities. It is this process¬†that at¬† The Ananda Apothecary, is highly valued and ensured. They understand the medicinal quality the oil can offer and hold in it’s purest integrity. Therefore, particularly with Ananda’s oils, I see these essential oils as real, living, plants –¬† very much alive! This may come from the way I view the world, my life and reality. I understand all things and beings are connected and plants are major players in my life, as they are to every human life. For without them, we would could not survive.

If you‚Äôre using natural plant medicines, you have this similar awareness of the therapeutic offerings plants and essential oils embody. It is also known that plants are conscious.¬† Many experiments with plants through the ages have shown they respond to many things: music, for one. (Editor’s Note: Plants respond to energy in general, and specifically interact with the frequencies humans and other animals are sending and receiving. “The Secret Teachings of Plants” by Stephen Harrod Buhner is a magnificent book explaining in a plain, readable, scientific manner how we CAN communicate with plants, if we just slow down enough and listen to other senses).

Frankincense Essential Oil

Boswellia trees, the source of wildcrafted Frankincense in ‘Brilliant Transformation’.

So taking from this example and knowledge of the energetics (frequencies they respond to) is very similar to how I work with essential oils. As mentioned earlier, I tend to feel them and the energy they offer. This is how I began what I call energetic-blending. However, since I have primarily been only crafting oils in my own alchemical way, for my personal use or for others outside of retail use, it didn’t occur to me how valuable this method can be, until I co-created with the oils themselves, Brilliant Transformation.

Addressing My Mother’s Worsening Condition

My Mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in July of 2016. The cancer was not specifically in the breast, but in the lining of her lungs having traveled through the tissues. In the 2 years prior to this diagnosis we all thought she had lung problems. So we supplementally used essential oils then, too.  Despite the condition of her lungs not worsening Рher general health continued to decline.  We now know, the problems were not her lungs, but cancer was growing and spreading within the tissues that lined the lungs. When she was finally correctly diagnosed, she was in grave condition.

Upon her diagnosis we immediately began a therapeutic plan with various essential oils from The Ananda Apothecary. The essential oil protocols were in addition to a strict diet plan we formulated for her, and in conjunction with the treatments she was receiving at an all natural clinic in Arizona.¬†For several months we saw great results ~ truly amazing. Beyond the oils, she was on a completely alkaline diet, and included every natural supplement we could think of in our long history of natural therapeutic education. In fact, the doctor at the clinic, after listening to the entire protocol we had embraced with her said “Wow. Thank you…you’ve done the majority of my job for me already”.

When the Making of ‘Brilliant Transformation’ was Inspired

Chamomile rounded out the collection of Flowers, Wood, Resin and Root in the formula.

Although we were seeing encouraging results (consistently improving blood test results, showing a profound betterment of her immune-system function, among other things), a pair of small pea-sized tumors suddenly appeared on her torso above the hip, near the bottom of the lung on both sides of her body.  In addition, a few cyst-like protrusions appeared on her scalp. The tumors were popping out of her body, but she preferred to call them pimples. This kinder reference to the sudden appearance of these buggers as it was a total blow to us all, given the positive progress she had been enjoying.

When I learned of this and felt the hard knots underneath her skin, my heart fell. I was immediately prompted to make a special topical blend. I didn’t know what I was going to do, exactly.  I had already made several blends and had been treating her with every cancer-cell-killing essential oil we knew via oral administration, suppositories, inhalation and topical applications.

What I DID know was that this new formula had to contain a higher energetic frequency to help shatter the tumors.  Tumors are dense masses of blocked energy. So it was clear I needed a stronger or higher vibrating energy to move a denser, lower vibrating energy.

Each Essential Oil Has a Frequency and/or Vibration of It’s Own

Rose essential oil is said and believed to have the highest energetic frequency, for example. But there are also many out there who discredit this idea with the “accepted” science of classical physics, or explanations and comparisons to sound waves, which are not electromagnetic energy. The possibility of each oil having a unique vibration which can be detected by us humans is only being hinted at in quantum physiscs – where it is nearly “established” that EVERYthing is only vibration.

In short, it is factual to say that everything is energy and everything is resonating at a particular frequency. Measuring the energetic resonance of essential oils (and other natural preparations) is perhaps the next big leap we need to do on a scientific and molecular level, so that “energetic” healers, and those who use energy to perceive what one needs can no longer be discounted by the scientific establishment.¬† For this writing, do know that I do not and did¬†not know the frequencies of each oil that was selected for this formula.

Working on Your Own Ability to ‘Tune In’ to Plants (and their oils and extracts)

What I can share is that I personally have worked at enhancing my sixth sense or intuitive and sensory-perception abilities. So it is natural for me to¬† connect in spirit or energetically to the plants.¬† I asked from my heart which oils I needed to use. I literally asked out loud: ‚Äėwho‚Äô of you do I need? I desired oils that would synergistically be of the highest vibration and offer the healing my Mother needed to rid her tumors.

As the essential oils -in name- came forth promptly, one stood out like no other. She stepped forth in such a magnificent presence I shook my head in smiling disbelief that I didn’t think of her myself. It was Angelica. Angelica essential oil in her own way showed me she or rather, this oil would not only lift my Mother’s spirit, she would offer her a high frequency, such as among the angelic realms and support her in her transformative journey. For those who have worked with essential oils in the esoteric realms, it is known that Angelica oil is used in metaphysical or mystical ways to communicate with Angels.

This revelation for me was, simply brilliant! Here¬†came the knowing and the name of ‘Brilliant Transformation’.

I offered Brilliant Transformation to my Mother and told her to apply it 3 times a day rubbing in a circular fashion on her tumors. Within 2 weeks the tumors were gone. Literally gone! My Mother eagerly took my fingers and placed them on her torso¬† and said: ‚Äútry to find them! Try! Where are they?! I don’t know.‚ÄĚ She, was thrilled. Obviously.¬† In September of 2017 a complete scan of my Mother was taken and was found to be cancer free. True Story.

My Further Use of ‘Brilliant Transformation’: Personal Elevation

I have taken this bottle of Brilliant Transformation with me to the Amazon Jungle, where I, among 25 others were there on a spiritual journey where we worked with medicinal plants. I anointed many with this oil who were in need of healing, including using on myself for vibrational elevation. I’ve taken it with me on other spiritual sojourns and anointed myself and others as we work to evolve or raise our own awareness and consciousness.

I now use this oil with it‚Äôs namesake and intentions to bring forth transformation in the most brilliant, wonderful way that serves that individual’s optimal benefit. I‚Äôve used this at times to change my mood, before meditation, or just because I like knowing it’s a keeper.

I can not say that this essential oil will do such significant healing on anyone over night, rid your illness, or bring you to enlightenment. What I do know from my experience and that of my Mother’s, is that I saw it happen to her.¬† I know that when I use it at appropriate times that are sacred to me, there is a wonderful connection there. I feel and smell Angelica so ever present, effervescent. I‚Äôm truly humbled every time.¬† In addition, I must note that intention and belief has a whole lot to do with manifesting one’s reality. Therefore, all things considered: my intentions, my love (and it’s own frequency), the trust and belief my Mother had in me, etc. are all wonderful healers in themselves.

I’ve been honored to share this story with you. I know you will appreciate Brilliant Transformation as much as I have. It’s been a blessing to watch this little helper be one beautiful testimony of the power of plants.

As we share this blend with you, I do want you to know I re-formulated the recipe. I used the same protocols, but this time I felt it pertinent¬†the blend be made for¬†overall benefit and balance to the end user (remember, we have only 108 bottles of these available – see our sales and specials page to find out how to receive your bottle). I didn’t feel it fair to offer a formula created for such acute symptoms to all the customers of Ananda Apothecary, who are each at a different place in their journey. We have to say¬†this reformulated Brilliant Transformation blend is truly lovely on all accounts.

As a bonus, I infused this blend with the help of Rose Quartz, Celestite, and Amethyst crystals. I also cleared the work space, equipment and oils themselves with burning Palo Santo wood prior to bottling them up for you. Of course I played wonderful, healing music while I did it! ūüôā

~May you see  essential oils as generous and benevolent gifts for your health management. May they keep you clear, centered, uplifted, and dissolve all you do not need. May they help you return to your true, most optimal, brilliant, perfection in your embodied reflection~

Ma Atma Sanandama, creator of Brilliant Transformation,¬†resides in¬†Boulder, Colorado.¬†She is an esoteric practitioner of plant medicines and spiritual luminary. She works with both individuals and the Earth‚Äôs gridlines. Over the 2018 Spring Equinox, she is taking a small group to Egypt, to assist in the awakening of humanity’s divine potential and actualization of unity consciousness. She recently has been guided to assist others in the internal alchemic pathway to spiritual liberation. The trip’s itinerary has been carefully prepared to aid each participant in their own self mastery and elevation of ones energetic frequency. Egypt is considered by many to be a highly potent spiritual center of the Planet. There are still a few spots open on this trip! ¬†If this interests you see for more information. She intends to have a webinar for last minute interests within the week. Fill out the contact form on the website to be notified of the webinar time and date. A replay will be emailed out for all interested.

A¬†note from Eric, the owner of The Ananda Apothecary: This is one of the finest blends I’ve ever experienced aromatically. I was there when it was reformulated for its more widely-used, broad-spectrum purpose — take what you will¬†personally from the blends name ~ and the process was not only beautiful, but the balance of each oil, which was “asked” for by the formulator, are absolutely perfect. If you DO receive a bottle, I highly recommend not just opening the cap and smelling it. I would at least take out the orifice reducer, and slowly bring the bottle close to your nose, while slowly inhaling. Even better may be putting a dab on your skin and trying it from there. There’s an amazing balance of notes from flowers, resins, wood and roots, and the best effect is experiencing them all at the same time!.

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