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Essential Oils vs Cancer Part 3: Three Important Oils in Scientific Research

In this last of our three part series, we’ll look at three specific studies which exemplify the anti-cancer action of essential oils. These studies were, as is typical of the western medicine approach, all done using isolated constituents of essential oils, rather than whole oils themselves. At the same time, we’re learning some really good stuff: the […]

Essential Oils & Cancer Scientific Research Pt. 2: An-In Depth Review of the Research

Essential Oils Have the Potential Anti-Cancer Action Noted in MANY Scientific Studies, and the Significant Potential Benefits of Essential Oils Over the Western Medicine Approaches   In part one of this series here we discussed scientific research approaches ~ including the study of essential oils vs. cancer, and the great importance of combining Western and Eastern medicine systems to address this serious […]

Essential Oils vs. Cancer: Scientific Research Updates Pt. 1

This is part one of our review of all the latest peer-reviewed science publications regarding essential oils and their effect on cancerous cells. It’s REALLY QUITE EXCITING! So much has come to light in the last few years that we want everyone to understand, and incorporate into their aromatherapy practice as they are able. We […]

Ananda Highlights: Essential Oils Improving Learning at Montessori School

Here at Ananda Apothecary, we love receiving customer feedback and testimonials.  We recently received one such call and were so deeply moved that we wanted to share this story with the rest of the Ananda community. The Hillside Montessori School in Silverado, California offers early childhood development education for infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary school […]