Scientific Research Shows Promising Results with Eucalyptus Oils

What is the first image that crosses your mind when you think of a Eucalyptus tree? Does your mind take a journey down under to the land of the koala where the bears sit amongst the branches snacking on their favorite leaves? Or maybe you’ve experienced a time when eucalyptus oil helped clear your sinuses […]

What is the first image that crosses your mind when you think of a Eucalyptus tree? Does your mind take a journey down under to the land of the koala where the bears sit amongst the branches snacking on their favorite leaves? Or maybe you’ve experienced a time when eucalyptus oil helped clear your sinuses while you were suffering from a cold. Would it surprise you to know that easing congestion is just one of many benefits’ science has been discovering in recent studies?

Eucalyptus oil has a growing reputation around the world for its healing abilities in a vast array of applications. Many peer reviewed studies continue to expand on our earliest aboriginal understanding, opening the door to healthier living. In a 2010 study, it was reported that “Eucalyptus oil and its major component, 1,8-cineole, have antimicrobial effects against many bacteria, including tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), viruses, and fungi (including Candida).It was also noted in the research that eucalyptus oil exhibits immune-stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and spasmolytic effects which is uncommon with substances that are antimicrobial. 

Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant Evidence

Our evolving understanding of this incredible oil are showing promising analgesic, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant results. In a recent 2018 peer reviewed study, 1,8-cineole (an organic compound isolated from Eucalyptus oil known as a monoterpene cyclic ether) was administered orally into rat models in a neuropathic pain study. The study demonstrated that oral administration can “alleviate pathological pain caused by P2X3 receptor stimulation and explored new methods for the prevention and treatment of neuropathic pain.”2  The analgesic (pain reducing) effects of compounds found in eucalyptus oils seem to be far reaching.

In another 2018 study ofα-Terpineol (TP) (another beneficial compound found in Eucalyptus oils) aimed to investigate the range of effects on cancer pain in mice, strong evidence was reported for the use of the compound in new drugs for cancer pain control. “Our results showed that TP reduced significantly mechanical hyperalgesia and spontaneous and palpation-induced nociception, improved paw use without reducing tumor growth and grip strength. Importantly, no evident biochemical and hematological toxicity was observed. Furthermore, TP increased the tissue antioxidant capacity due to ferric-reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and glutathione (GSH).”3

Antimicrobial Evidence

Numerous findings continue to come in from a wide variety of studies showing Eucalyptus oils’ antimicrobial properties. During a recent experiment, the introduction of the oil to several bacteria stains resulted in the killing of microbes studied within 60 seconds of initial contact. “Eucalyptus essential oil emulsions exhibited antimicrobial activity against E. coli, S. aureus, and P. aeruginosa in less than 1 min.”Some scientists have been encouraged by the oils potential and have done further research into potentially combining the plant essence with antibiotic drugs in an effort to develop new strategies against pharmaceutical resistant strains of bacteria like A. baumannii.5

Asthma Relief

Asthma is one of the most chronic conditions plaguing our world today with many cases growing in severity worldwide. In 2016, a group of scientists interviewed traditional healers in the southern region of Togo to study the plant species identified as curing asthma. At the conclusion of the study, several strains of Eucalyptus were identified among the plant families studied as the most important species in treating asthma. “This study showed initial evidence of the use of plant materials by Togolese Traditional Healers to heal asthma.6

1,8-cineole, a natural monoterpene found in all eucalyptus oils has proven its clinical efficacy for its mucolytic and spasmolytic action on the respiratory tract. It has also shown therapeutic benefits in inflammatory airway diseases as also noted above. “In vitro studies found strong evidence that 1,8-cineole controls inflammatory processes and mediator production of infection- or inflammation-induced mucus hypersecretion by its action as anti-inflammatory modifier rather than a simple mucolytic agent. ”Evidence from recent studies indicate that the use of Eucalyptus oils could have long term therapy benefits to improve asthma control. 

Sedative Effects

Indications from recent studies on two separate strains of Eucalyptus are showing promising results for the use of the plant for sedation purposes in mouse models. The strains were shown to be effective in increasing the sleep time as well as decreasing ambulation.In a separate 2017 study of a different Eucalyptus strain, researchers found eucalyptol (1-8 cineole) “responsible for biological activities which include the local anesthetic, antispasmodic, musculorelaxant, antimycotic, sedative, anticonvulsive, analgesic and neuroprotective effects etc. which proves it has potent psychoactive ability.”9

Cardiovascular Relaxant 

Research into Eucalyptus has also shown its ability to relax the heart during physical exercise. In the 2017 study, researchers concluded “that aerobic exercise and eucalyptus essential oil attenuated (reduced) cardiovascular responses and modulated the affect on recovery & stress.”10

Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

In order to receive the wonderful benefits that Eucalyptus has to offer, it’s important to know the best ways for inhalation and application.

Using a Nebulizing Diffuser:
One of the best ways to ensure your oils are properly diffused for maximum therapeutic benefit, we recommend using our Nebulizing diffuser. This excellent option allows you to use only the pure oil and avoids diluting your oils by adding water as is the case when using a more traditional diffuser. This option uses less oil, which saves you money while also utilizing only the pure essential oil.

Pocket Diffusers (Defusing on the go!):
If you are on the go and want to reap the benefits of these oils while you’re out and about, we also offer a pocket diffuser to ensure you have your favorite oils wherever you are!

Make an Ananda Vapor Rub:
Another incredible way to get the most out of your Eucalyptus oil would be to make a homemade vapor rub, safe for children and adults. Researchers have found that Vicks Vapo-Rub seemed to increase mucus in ferrets who had inflamed nasal airways, and they speculated that the product could lead to obstruction of small nasal airways in children11. Choosing to make your own Eucalyptus salve can help keep artificial chemicals and synthetic ingredients at bay while offering your family a safe alternative. We offer all the ingredients necessary, and would recommend using our Blend Calculator when making your rub. Blend a mixture of coconut oil, Eucalyptus, Indian Peppermint, and Spike Lavender and enjoy it’s soothing effects. 

Quality of the Oil You Buy

At Ananda Apothecary, we take the time, effort and care to establish meaningful, lasting relationships with the distillers and farmers that we source our essential oils from. Our oils come from the finest distilleries around the world to make sure that we provide you with oils from the best growing conditions for that genus. We test every oil with GC/MS analysis and four additional physiochemical tests to assure their purity, and that they are the species grown in the region they say they are from. There is actually no such thing, officially, as a “therapeutic grade” essential oil. There’s no governing body, group or “third party” testing service which approves of, labels or certifies any essential oil as “therapeutic grade”. Rather, “therapeutic grade” is a label given to the essential oils of any company by that company itself. This is why you may see the words “therapeutic grade” in their taglines, with an actual “TM” symbol after them…because it’s simply a trademarked term, not an official grading.

So, you might now be wondering: how do I source an essential oil with the highest potential health benefits? Well, here’s the good news. All oils produced at the Ananda Apothecary in all facets of essential oil production are taken into consideration in the selection of each and every oil in our collection. We take every possible step to ensure our oils will offer the greatest in therapeutic benefits to you, your family, and your clients. Plus, we offer a huge range of CO2 distilled oils which are not commonly available through other companies, which offer unique and wide-ranging benefits above and beyond “classic” steam distilled oils. Consistently offering you these therapeutic grade essential oils is what sets us apart from other companies and is also what we are most passionate about. We want you to receive the absolute best results with the use of our oils, whatever your need or application! We are honored to have you as one of our clients and wish you health, love, and longevity.


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