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Light Barrier: A Natural Skin Protectant

Protection against both UVA and UVB radiation is crucial all year round. The damage that the rays do to our skin cells is often underestimated, yet such a neglectful approach doesn’t prevent it from happening. Before we evaluate how the ingredients in our skin protectant act on UV damage, first we need to know what […]

Protection against both UVA and UVB radiation is crucial all year round. The damage that the rays do to our skin cells is often underestimated, yet such a neglectful approach doesn’t prevent it from happening. Before we evaluate how the ingredients in our skin protectant act on UV damage, first we need to know what we’re fighting against.

Sun radiation increases the oxidative stress in our skin. Free radicals are then formed, disrupting the balance of inner cell structures. Distorted proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids result in propelled skin aging, as well as weakened arrangement of skin layers. Affected mitochondria promote quicker cell death and inflammation [2]. This ultimately leads to frail, dull, and less youthful skin. These issues are what we’re targeting naturally with our new product – Light Barrier!


Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is known to be the most powerful free radicals scavenger of all with superb antioxidant qualities [1,2]. It speaks for itself.


Sea Buckthorn

  • This plant similarly overflows with protective antioxidants, which are of a different sort. It has been shown that it contains substantial amount of vitamin C, namely 10 times more than citrus, as well as vitamin A [4,5].
  • It provides the whole range of essential minerals and elements [4].
  • It has extraordinary anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, facilitating skin healing [3].


Shea Butter

  • Shea butter has a reputation as the butter with the most healing lipid profile. It’s mostly composed of long chain unsaturated fatty acids which easily comply with those in our skin – the damaged lipid barrier has a chance to recuperate [6].
  • Its content of Vitamin E listed earlier, as well as other antioxidant vitamins, is impressively high [6].


Sweet Almond Oil

  • Sweet Almond oil is comprised of 4 different types of potent tocopherols – which collectively make up Vitamin E [7].


Coconut Oil

  • Lauric acid and its derivatives present significant anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which calm down irritation and protect the skin against infections [8].
  • As it contains a wide variety of healthy fatty acids, it effectively locks moisture in which prevents dry skin [9].


Red Raspberry Seed Oil

  • This oil holds plenty of phenolic compounds, which fight free radicals. Within this oil also exists other free radical scavengers [10].
  • It supplies the skin with vitamins and elements [11] which are crucial for healthy skin.



  • A high amount of polyphenols are responsible for the excellent healing properties of beeswax. Polyphenols effectively minimize the oxidative stress of the cells [12].
  • It’s rich in soothing unsaturated lipids [12].


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil & Bay Laurel Essential Oil

  • Not only are these oils refreshing, but they also display powerful antioxidant, anti – inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities [13, 14].


Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • The main active constituent of sandalwood, Santanol, is extremely effective against inflammation. It suppresses the synthesis of pro – inflammatory markers, which successfully alleviates irritation and redness [15].


The featured ingredients are what make Light Barrier so effective at assisting stressed skin that has been exposed to the sun. We recommend applying Light Barrier 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, this allows for maximum absorption. Due to the oil-based nature of this blend, we advise re-applying after swimming and participating in physical activities that may cause perspiration. When using Light Barrier in conjunction with our Sun Radiance serum, be prepared to see glowing results. Have a healthy and safe Summer, much love and gratitude from Ananda!



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