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A Word From Our Owner: The Naked Truth – Why Ananda Built a New Store at a New Location

Didn’t Ananda get a Facelift a couple of years ago? For those of you who have been with Ananda for years, you know our beloved founder, Eric Cech, transitioned from his body in 2018. As you can imagine, Eric’s departure had a tremendous impact on all of us and to the wonderful business that he […]

Didn’t Ananda get a Facelift a couple of years ago?

For those of you who have been with Ananda for years, you know our beloved founder, Eric Cech, transitioned from his body in 2018. As you can imagine, Eric’s departure had a tremendous impact on all of us and to the wonderful business that he created. Eric’s talents were multifaceted which extended into the development and maintenance of our last website.

In December of 2018, many of you remember that our old website went down for 9 days because the server that hosted the site, crashed. Everyone at Ananda was under the impression that the site was being professionally backed up by our hosting service, however that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t until after the crash that we came to the understanding that Eric had been backing up the site manually. We lost a considerable amount of data when this happened and the site took on damages that were too costly to repair.

During the last 8 months, we have diligently worked on creating two new stable websites to give you and all of our Ananda family greater ease when purchasing essential oils and hemp based oils. During the last 2 years, there has been great volatility in the hemp market and we’ve had to change credit card processors on 7 or 8 different occasions. Since the hemp and essential oils were on one site, anytime the banks would stop processing credit card transactions for our hemp products, all essential oil clients would lose the ability to purchase their products as well. Due to the fickle hemp financial sector, we decided it would be best to separate the two sites so that essential oil sales wouldn’t be impeded by fluctuations in the hemp financial landscape. Further, because of regulations we can not mention the acronym widely used for hemp products on this website, as it may jeopardize our advertising ability. We are optimistic much of the red tape will be lifted soon. Our hemp site can be found by replacing the word essential in with the acronym widely used (which begins with C and ends with D). 😉

With this new start, we went back to our roots to resurrect what our company stands for. Eric named our company Ananda for a very specific reason. Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit, and he believed to achieve this highest state of contentment in life, is what it’s all about. He built the company after a tragic accident in which he was not expected to live. It was in pursuit of his optimal health he discovered essential oils and other natural remedies. His inspiration was to share this way of healing with others. We hold our name in deep reverence and it is our utmost intention that you have blissful experience when using our oils, in your daily life, or simply even when navigating our website.

At Ananda, we believe in the power of pure plant oils and do everything we can to deliver the highest quality oils, grown in the best regions in the world at the most affordable prices. I personally wanted to send all of you a letter to thank you. Thank you for your overwhelming support of our small company. You are our inspiration to deliver natural and potent plant helpers (as essential oils) to the world.

Warmest Blessings to You and your Family always and in all ways,
Anita Lopez Sananda


In Dedication to Eric Cech (1967-2018), Founder of The Ananda Apothecary in Boulder, CO 2004. 


Thank You for the gift of intuitively knowing Essential Oils would be in demand at this time.
You were spot on… as usual! Your foundation to get these natural remedies out to the public
at affordable prices is your legacy. We miss you so, and are honored to carry on your vision.
Without your IT skillsets we could not manage all that you did with our previous site you coded
and built, and could not, nor can ever replace you. As you often quipped: ‘things should be easy,
fun and in the flow’, we went with this new colorful website design and platform.
We trust you like our revised look! Your sole goal and saying was:
Let’s get the medicine to as many people as possible!”
And so… we shall.  We are infinitely blessed by you.

We love you~ The Ananda Team

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