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Comparing Rosemary Species & CO2 Extraction: Which Serves Your Situation Best

Rosemary has shown to slow down the degradation of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine what indisputably improves memory and increases attention span.  This essential knowledge is good to draw upon when the senses and ability to focus needs to be at their sharpest. There is a wide array of our rosemary products which promote maximum concentration this time of year […]

Rosemary has shown to slow down the degradation of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine what indisputably improves memory and increases attention span.  This essential knowledge is good to draw upon when the senses and ability to focus needs to be at their sharpest. There is a wide array of our rosemary products which promote maximum concentration this time of year with many returning to studies, or for anyone any time of year when work performance  or brain boosting support is a part of the daily lives. [112].

Here’s a look at Rosemary varieties so you can determine which rosemary option is best for you per your need and situation. We’ve featured the specific plant products Ananda has in it’s offerings.

Rosemary (Wild) Essential Oil

Its high (45,17%) 1,8 – cineole (eucalyptol) content makes it perfect for:

  • respiratory conditions with increased mucus production like rhinitis, COPD or asthma – 1,8 – cineole decreases the number of goblet cells in mucus membranes which are responsible for mucus production in the airways [2, 4]
  • infections and also of the respiratory tract: it’s highly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory; it inhibits inflammatory pathways and cytokine synthesis [3, 5]
  • allergies:  it alleviates the allergic response (another plus in asthma) [5]
  • chronic inflammatory diseases:  diabetes type 2, arthritis, or conditions of cardiovascular origin [5]
  • gastric ulcers and other forms of irritation: it is gastro-protective by stimulating the gastric mucus secretion and by accelerating healing of damaged mucosa [6].

Its higher camphor and pinenes concetration only adds to it:

  • camphor has been proven to be significantly effective in the treatment of asthma [7]; it’s anti-allergic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective
  • alpha and beta pinene content provides potent antimicrobial properties, as they act like antiseptics

Moreover, it’s composed of monoterpenes and monoterpenols of mostly antioxidant activity, these components are  strongly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory [8].

Rosemary (Verbenone) Essential Oil

This version of rosemary essential oil is less rich in 1,8 – cineole and camphor, which makes it less suited for the conditions listed above. On the other hand, it’s contains more verbenone of which offers soothing characteristics. It’s ideal for:

  • skin and hair restoration: verbenone greatly improves skin and hair condition with its calming, anti-inflammatory abilities [9]; it also promotes healthy cell turnover, preventing cancer [10]; it is a potent antioxidant, [10] giving the skin and hair glow and longevity while protecting from infections of different origin [10]
  • unwinding after a busy day: it’s anti-inflammatory properties is equal to what one finds as soothing yet revitalizing; it helps the body switch from the alert state to the regenerating, resting state; its fresh invigorating scent is a plus.

The equally high content of monoterpenes and monoterpenols is very much an addition to skin and haircare.

Rosemary (Antioxidant) CO2 Extract

CO2 extraction makes scavenging free radicals more effective. It happens at a lower concentration than when using distilled essential oils [11]. Its antioxidant activity is estimated to be approximately three times higher than an essential oil. Despite this difference, both rosemary essential oil and CO2 extract are potent natural antioxidants. It’s also why the CO2 extract is perfect for:

  • extending the shelf life of your blends – it will greatly decrease any product’s oxidation.

Rosemary CO2 it’s comprised of ethyl linoleate and alpha bisabolol which will fairly augment the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of your oils.

Stay Sharp Blend

It’s a special blend of Rosemary, Melissa and Basil which together will sharpen your mind even more. It works excellently if you:

  • need to increase your focus and improve memory.

This compilation of oils works toward this via many ways:

  • as mentioned above, it slows down the neurotransmitter’s acetylcholine degradation [1, 12] – your brain will work longer
  • it ameliorates memory and effectively prevents Alzheimers by stopping the formation of detrimental amyloid plaques [1, 12]
  • its antioxidant and anti – inflammatory activities are neuro – protective [12].



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