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Exceptional Frankincense Serrata and Carteri: Studies Show Anti-Cancer, Anti-Inflammatory and Memory benefits

Wonder why we’ve put both Serrata and Carteri together?! In union they are a mighty pair, and as a CO2 extract combo we find this blend to be exceptional for best results. We looked at a few studies and can clearly see that in the same solution, both Boswellia species are great options to alleviate […]

Wonder why we’ve put both Serrata and Carteri together?! In union they are a mighty pair, and as a CO2 extract combo we find this blend to be exceptional for best results. We looked at a few studies and can clearly see that in the same solution, both Boswellia species are great options to alleviate a myriad of ailments!

Research indicates the individual benefits of both Frankincense species–as each has special properties that make them stand out. We looked at a few studies and have concluded that in the same solution they can tackle: inflammatory conditions including diabetes, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and ulcers. Properties also show actions of being cardio-protective; able to stabilize blood pressure and lipid levels (through the anti-inflammatory mechanism); able to help with chronic and acute pain, prevent many forms of cancer, and boost mood as well as care for healthy skin and assist to maintain a sharp, bright mind.

The Frankincense Boswellia species have been used as a wonder drug for various ailments in different cultures across the globe extending back to ancient times. Frankincense was frequently administered to powerful pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and used due to its universality and the blissful properties it can evoke. Out of plentiful kinds of Boswellia, we looked at only two species:  Carteri and Serrata, for proven medicinal applications. We carry the CO2 extracts of these varieties to assist in amplification of their actions, giving benefits to the fullest extent.  Through the modulation of pressure and other factors during a CO2 extraction it is possible to get the highest concentration of desired active substances in the oil.

We looked at a handful of studies and break down the individual findings below. You’ll find the research inspiring, if not only able to back up the plentiful benefits by these two plants listed above.


Frankincense Serrata CO2
Frankincense Serrata is the most abundant in α-pinene (45%) while other consituents like α-thujene, sabinene, β-pinene, myrcene, limonene or linalool have smaller concentrations oscillating from around 1% to 15% [2].

  • It has more significant antimicrobial activity than Frankinense Carteri. Having been tested alongside an antibiotic, it has shown to have equally high antibacterial properties, especially for Gram-negative bacteria [1,7].
  • It’s also potently antifungal thanks to limonene [2].
  • Moreover, limonene shows excellent antioxidant activity what is also useful in decreasing the overall inflammation. Therefore, it is used as an adjunctive asthma therapy [2,7].
  • Boswellia Serrata is similarly anti-cancerous, or rather a pro-cancer complement pathway. It inhibits the activation of the NFκB pathway, down regulates production of interleukines and tumor necrotic factor alpha, and subdues the pro-inflammatory pathway. It shows to sensitize tumor cells to immune cells [2,3,4,7].
  • It acts to calm the nervous system, reduce pain and sharpen focus [2,5,6,7].


Frankincense Carteri CO2
The major consituent of Frankincense Carteri is octyl acetate (60%) whereas the percentage of other active compounds like α-thujene, α-pinene, camphene, β-pinene, imonene, 1,8-cineole, linalool is less than 10% each, most of them oscillating around 1.5% [2]. 

Frankincense (Serrata) CO2

Studies find Frankincense (Serrata) to contain more significant antimicrobial activity than Frankinense Carteri yet likewise, shows anti-cancer properties.

  • It has shown significant effectiveness in recurrent, chronic diseases like rheumatism, Crohn’s diseases, ulcerative colitis, diabetes. In contrary to the Serrata sp., all of the mentioned conditions have one thing in common: inflammation is at their root. Boswellia Carteri successfully decreases inflammation through inhibition of lipooxygenase what halts the production of pro-inflammatory markers [2,7].
  • It hinders the action of elastase and degrading glycosoaminoglycans of which prevents the skin as well as the joints from losing their elasticity, moisture and softness [2,7].
  • It has been shown to be anti-cancerous. It suppresses topoisomerase activity, an enzyme which is essential for tumor cell growth, and stimulates apoptosis, or rather, programmed cell death. What’s special about Frankincense is that it differenciates cancer cells from healthy cells and only acts upon the sick ones [2,3,4,7].
  • It sharpens the mind and slows down the progress of dementia, improving the short  and long term memory. It clears the mind [6,7].
  • It’s full of monoterpenoid compounds which relieve anxiety, depression and lower stress levels [2,7].



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