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Ananda 2019 Recap: A Note from the Heart

2019: A Challenge we did not Expect As many of you know, Ananda lost its founder in February of 2018. This event started a major transition for our company as well as for all of our loyal customers. During the past two years, we have gone through some pretty major shifts stemming from the loss [...]

2019: A Challenge we did not Expect

As many of you know, Ananda lost its founder in February of 2018. This event started a major transition for our company as well as for all of our loyal customers. During the past two years, we have gone through some pretty major shifts stemming from the loss of our old website and creating two new websites for our CBD and Essential oil product lines. We have greatly appreciated all of our loyal customers sticking with us through this shift and are looking forward to the new year ahead.

2019 Changing of the Guard: A New Guardian at the Helm

Our Travels, Charity Works, Getting to know our Growers and Distillers, Protecting the Earth & Cost Savings for All

Anita Lopez (the surviving wife of our Founder, Eric Cech) stepped up as the new guardian of Ananda in 2019. With new inspiration, we began the year focusing on a brighter future for the company and the planet. One of the big changes that occurred was in Ananda’s commitment to supporting charitable causes as seen in our Whale Song Campaign. Five percent of all proceeds of this blend go to supporting the Ocean Mammal Institute. The blend is comprised of some of Eric’s favorite oils and supports a cause that was near and dear to his heart. Our intention is to increase our charitable contributions as a whole in the coming year and we’d love to hear your feedback on worthy causes. We are currently considering offering a percentage of proceeds to support the bee’s, crystal children education, sustainable gardening education, plant medicine education, and natural medicine healing centers at a grassroots level. Our vision is to truly make a difference supporting smaller, potent efforts, rather than fund salaries and corporate-minded non-profits. Please send your charitable suggestions to

Hawaii: As evidenced by our charitable commitments, Ananda is dedicated to only supporting organizations that practice sustainability and a care for the land and plants that they harvest. Earlier this year, we went on a discovery mission to the great islands of Hawaii to both check on the great work that the Ocean Mammal Institute is doing there, protecting all sea life, as well as to check in on one of our favorite Sandalwood farmers to learn about their sustainable farming practices.  Our intention is to help educate our Ananda family about sustainable practices used to distill the oils you buy as well as to educate you on the environmental impact we are having with the charity efforts you support. In case you missed it, here is an excerpt of our sandalwood interview from this trip. Be on the lookout for future videos as there is more to come!

We are excited to work with farmers that truly care about the planet, plants and oils they are growing and harvesting. Our intention is to work with kindred spirits who respect the soil and hold a deep reverence for the plants they are cultivating and the oils they are producing.

On Sustainability: A great example of those we work with can be found with our sandalwood farmer, who will only produce oil from the trees that die off naturally. Some years he has many trees ready for harvest and other years not as many. He will only take what is offered by nature herself. He rides the tides of her bounty and is content with it.

Bulgaria: One of the most exquisite and expensive oils we purchase is Rosa damascene also known as our Rose Otto oil.  The best of the best is grown in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Our intention is to keep our plant oils as affordable and accessible to all by keeping our prices down.

The cost of essential oils has increased in recent years as dozens of new essential oil companies have sprouted out of thin air. With their insertion into the marketplace, there has been an increase in the demand for ‘the best oils’ causing prices to go up and a reduction of the supply available for purchase.  In order to continue to supply our customers with the highest quality oils, we began removing all middlemen by going directly to the farmers and distillers. This effort has enabled us to keep costs down so that we can still offer you the best oils at the absolute best prices.

The picture above is from one of our road trips this past year to get to know our farmers and distillers personally. Trips like these allow us to create long lasting relationships with the people working with the plants and oils and ensures that we are only working with farmers that hold the highest respect for the oils they are producing. Please be on the lookout for our upcoming videos from our trip to the Rose Valley this past summer. 

Changes to the Aromatherapy Industry

We have been connecting with aroma industry experts over the last two years and recently learned some disheartening news. It appears small companies like Ananda, which resell individual oils in very small quantities are beginning to struggle. This is due in part to the fact that CBD as a natural medicine now accounts for a large percentage of alternative medicine customer. MLM oil companies are also taking a large percentage of alternative medicine enthusiasts and have saturated the market. Industry experts are now claiming that the educational aspects of essential oils are becoming diluted and blurred to the point that its created confusion among the masses, and has been the cause of highly reputable essential oil schools to struggle and shut down. This sobering news has helped identify some key struggles that we’ve experienced here at Ananda as well. These new changes in the industry has given way to an imminent shift to come at Ananda. This new shift will be outlined in future newsletters in 2020 where we will be informing you of our redirection and how we plan to continue to serve the public and our loyal customers.

Looking Ahead: 2020 Brings New Vision, New Venture

Stay Tuned to our New Year Newsletter! 


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