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2020: A letter from the Heart of Ananda. Welcome A Change in Perspective & Direction

~Bring in this new year with the mantra I AM AMAZING THE WAY I AM, and our new I AM Collection of seven powerful blends~ We at Ananda collectively pondered the New Year of 2020 and had a profound realization: As we gathered to determine what ‘new product’ we could co-create that would most serve [...]

~Bring in this new year with the mantra I AM AMAZING THE WAY I AM, and our new I AM Collection of seven powerful blends~

We at Ananda collectively pondered the New Year of 2020 and had a profound realization:

As we gathered to determine what ‘new product’ we could co-create that would most serve all—right on cue, the chime of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ rang through the air: weight loss, detox, improving health, and firming up that bottom.  Oh how we’ve been conditioned to make a list of resolutions and self-improvements at the beginning of each new year! 

Then An Epiphany Came Through:

It dawned on us we had engaged in the conditioned pattern of becoming critical of ourselves based on created ideals or assumptions that we (and everyone else) had presumably eaten too much, drank too much, or indulged in life–  and therefore we had to restrict, repent or resolve to make right. 

We then thought: What if… we could offer a self improvement movement of which the perspective from where we SEE ourselves is positive, and uplifting to our Spirits, rather than focusing on the negative and being critical of our physical appearance.  With this thought we enthusiastically embraced the idea of New Year’s REVOLUTION over any ‘resolution’. And so…

We Introduce~ The I AM Collection

Being Released January 13, 2020
ANANDA’S 2020 New Year’s Limited Edition:
This is a Special Alchemist Collection for the Year 2020, only at The Ananda Apothecary.  Only a limited quantity will be formulated.  

Bring in this new year with the mantra I AM AMAZING THE WAY I AM, and our new I AM Collection:  of seven powerful blends. Each blend in this unique collection is an energetically encoded, divine formulation of essential oils and flower essences intended for mindful use. It was created to support you in realizing and embodying all that you already are in this new year, decade and beyond. Use just one blend a week for seven weeks to clear, balance, elevate and nurture your already amazing I AM self. Meet any daily experience, life challenge or support a personal retreat in self care. >>Click on the image above to enjoy the animated affirmations! 

We know for ourselves at Ananda, we have had to truly find these positive aspects about ourselves. We’ve been met with constant change at the core of our company. For one, we have had to open a separate store to offer our CBD products (visit: To this effect, we are eager to embrace a new direction on many fronts.  Beginning the New Year in a new light is just the first of many to come.

You’ll find in the coming first quarter that we have a host of new products we’ll be releasing, many of which are deemed an alchemist’s dream! Our initial release of the I AM Collection is just the beginning.

We will delve into the mystical side of these amazing plant medicines and support those sensitive beings who are welcoming their energetic body and choosing to manage symptoms of our multi-faceted and extra-sensory abilities. We are also working to be more involved in charitable efforts, and be a resource for sound education, if you have interest in truly learning aromatherapy from those with the highest integrity. Look out for workshops, classes and changes to come both in our offerings and our website. 

We hope you are inspired as much as we are by this fresh start of a new decade. For us at Ananda, we realized the idea of shifting ourselves for the better is… perhaps…an INSIDE job! We invite you to join us by indulging in the I AM Collection as a self-retreat. We’ll be releasing more on each blend in the coming weeks, so do look out for our shares on social media. Even if you don’t purchase this set, you can still partake in the self care rituals just by connecting with us on social media.  This collection will be released January 13, 2020. It is a limited edition collection and will only be available for a limited time. 

Happy New Year Revolution~

The Ananda Team

This collection comes with daily affirmations written on the labels. How to Use:  Diffuse or Inhale directly daily, or as frequently as needed. One may choose to work with an individual blend per week and enjoy a personal retreat for less than 1 minute a day! These formulations work best when the user intends to re-wire the mind, emotions and whole body experience by affirming and connecting to the essence of its namesake. Simply enjoy the aromatic as you wish!  Enjoy the New Year, and the Amazing You!

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