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Product Highlight: Ever Lush Hair Serum

Ever Lush Hair Serum The ever-nourishing hair serum for optimum lush and luminosity! Here in Boulder, Colorado we are in the middle of Winter. The chilling mountain temperatures and wind has been the catalyst for introducing a wonderful hair nourishing product we call: Ever Lush.   We at Ananda Apothecary are thrilled to share with you Ever [...]

Ever Lush Hair Serum

The ever-nourishing hair serum for optimum lush and luminosity!

Here in Boulder, Colorado we are in the middle of Winter. The chilling mountain temperatures and wind has been the catalyst for introducing a wonderful hair nourishing product we call: Ever Lush.  

We at Ananda Apothecary are thrilled to share with you Ever Lush Blend, a luxurious and regenerative hair serum that will help you achieve and maintain the hair of your dreams! This serum is nourishing, moisturizing and packed with antioxidants — a well-rounded and full-spectrum formula to leave your hair as soft and silky as never before!

Ever Lush is a blend formulated for all hair types to provide luminosity, vitality and radiance no matter the hardship from exposure to the elements or environmental pollution we encounter in the life.

This formula is an amazing treatment for all hair types and lengths, initiating greater shine and liveliness in all weather conditions.  No matter the myths floating around about aging – the truth is hair, just like skin– has regenerative properties! This means it can glow and restore when  allowing given loving care and proper support, like natural and supporting medicinal plant oils!

The blend is based in nourishing carrier oils which help strengthen the hair and keep it hydrated. Let’s take a look at the ingredients, of which have shown in studies to enhance the hair in the most supportive of ways:

Ever Lush Hair Serum Ingredients

Argan Oil is comprised of rejuvenating unsaturated fats including mostly oleic and linoleic acids – they replenish the hair’s natural outer lipid barrier, retaining hydration and boosting shine. Additionally, Argan Oil is rich in potent antioxidants: vitamin E and CoQ10, which help to prevent damage to the hair’s lipids, proteins and DNA [1,7] from free radicals.

Borage Oil and Argan Oils’ own proteins help enhance the rebuilding and restorative effects. [7] [1,2].

Ever Lush contains other active ingredients that potentiate the carrier oils’ benefits which is optimal for anyone who travels often or is frequently exposed to a change in environmental conditions. A constant change of surroundings will alter the conditions of the hair and make it more susceptible to oxidative stress. Ever Lush is one of five products in our Eternal Beauty Anti-Aging Collection, each product formulated with the theme of ‘Longevity’ at its core, heart, and root. Ever Lush was crafted to not only assist in the prevention of delicate and aging hair, it was formulated to provide rich regenerative effects with its highly antioxidative profile.

The Ever Lush hair botanical has both an artillery of true antioxidants as well as extraordinary antimicrobial aspects. The blend itself is rather complex with 9 amazing essential oils! This blend of highly aromatic oils could be likened to a perfume with it’s lovely and pure scent!

  • Copaiba Balsam, Frankincense Sacra, Ylang Ylang Extra, Wild Rosemary and Bulgarian Lavender are all essential oils which are rich in antioxidants. They are abundant in monoterpenes, saponins, phenols, flavonoids and vitamins to help ensure that the hair structure endures as consistently as possible as the years to pass.  [3, 6, 9]. 
  • Tea Tree, Frankincense Sacra, Himalayan Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Bulgarian Lavender all have soothing, regenerative and bacteria-fighting properties which makes this blend absolutely wonderful for the scalp as an overnight treatment to ward against infections, remediate irritation, eliminate dandruff, and as a supplement for those who color treat their hair.  [3, 5, 6, 8].

These particular ingredients have shown to kill off unwanted pathogens from the scalp surface and promote growth of natural healthy scalp flora. It has been repeatedly proven that strong natural flora enhances the synthesis of the lipid outer barrier, which in turn strengthens the hair.  We’ve used it ourselves as a hot oil treatment, overnight enhancement and just on the hair tips for daily use. Try it yourself in a variety of ways and let us know how it works for you. We’ve tested it and found that the hair really does tend to feel more supple, silky smooth, softer, and noticed repair to the ends. This serum may weight down very thin, straight hair so be mindful of only lightly hand brushing the top layers or ends for day use, or before an engagement. Testers with curled locks described results as: more manageable, easier to comb and softer, really smooth. The scalp felt more hydrated and dandruff disappeared.

(Note: this user does not wash hair daily and applied the oil daily to the ends, on the mane itself and lightly onto the scalp.)

Whether you’re in a climate that has you braving Winter’s dry, cold, temperatures or are enjoying the seaside and salty air, managing your hair warrants the same attention when it comes to retaining fully nourished hair that is sleek to see and soft to the touch.  We feel confident to say following peer reviews and science backed observations that Ever Lush– whether used as an overnight scalp treatment or on an as-needed basis, enhances healthy growth while optimizing strong, enduring, and youthful hair. Try some today! >>> Buy Now | Buy 2 or More and Save!

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