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Selecting a Genuine Oil in a Saturated Market

Selecting a Genuine Essential Oil
In a Saturated Market ~
How to tell the Difference

Perhaps you think they look the same, feel the same , even smell the same! Yet  one is  a 100% pure, high quality, genuine essential oil – completely grown  without chemicals or pesticides or altered in a laboratory molecularly in any other way. 

The other is: a cheap imitation that didn’t work as well as you expected; diluted or mixed with something else; or in some cases, altered in a lab to mimic the real thing. Then there’s an original pure oil, that’s taken and genetically altered in a lab after distillation to enhance its aroma, or standardize it for commercial sale. While the latter is not technically a contaminant and the oil itself is intact from all chemical constituent aspects, it is still in fact, adulterated, because it has been tampered with – from the original, organic nature.    

The question is, how do you know, or how can you tell?

With so many new essential oil companies suddenly available on the market, just because essential oils are now being sold everywhere, it’s more important than ever to be discerning.  Whether you’re buying online or off the shelf, spending just a few moments digging deeper can prevent you from buying something you really don’t want… or want to use on your skin, or inhale for therapeutic applications. In the last handful of years, essential oil companies have sprouted out of thin air. It’s significantly changed the market indeed!  For those of us who’ve been around before essential oils became the new sexy wave– coupled with the global awareness of (re) turning to natural products for health, beauty, and consideration of our planet– the change in the oil market looks something analogous to this:

What used to be a small garden of flowers to choose from, is like having one big commercial grow move in next door with thousands of flowers, that it’s hard to find the original garden. For many it seems like walking into Labyrinth! 

You may need to consider who you’re buying from and if those behind the bottle on the shelf really understand how an authentic and therapeutically benefiting essential oil is handled from seed to your doorstep. It is far from a straightforward process.

To produce a therapeutic quality essential oil, the plant it comes from must be grown and harvested the right way: With Care… Every Step of the Way.

What we at the Ananda Apothecary are  interested in is knowing how the plant was cared for and how that plant was handled or if it was ‘picked’ in a loving way. How were the rose petals gathered off the bush? That makes a whole other and significant difference, but that is another story. 😉 

Collecting the raw material is one thing, to extract an essential oil from the flower, stem, leaf, root, etc.,  must must be done with precision using the correct method, skill, artisanship and temperature mastery.  There’s several different ways to get the highest quality oil from the raw product.  Each farmer/distiller has their secrets–  they’ve honed their craft to ensure their essential oil is the best they can produce from ‘seed to bottle’.  It’s about integrity and artisanship.  The farmers we know truly take pride in their craft. It’s no different than the farm to table concept. It is agriculture after all.

So if you support local farmers, or small farms you understand the difference in the quality of the food you eat. The flavors are astoundingly amazing and noticeably different!  Do your due diligence to determine if where or from whom you’re buying knows what’s what; who their farmers are; and how the plants are treated and harvested. It makes a huge difference.

Here at Ananda we have a simple, but extremely effective, way of making sure we know what’s in our bottles. We go and meet the growers. We take the responsibility to help do due diligence for you. We’ve been to Corsica, Bulgaria, France and Hawaii to meet our farmers and distillers.  We meet people who’s farms are run with the utmost integrity, heart, passion, and cultural tradition. 

People like Pierre Antoine who’s  family’s farm on the beautiful, mountainous, Mediterranean island of Corsica— have been doing this for generations! It’s ingrained in his and their DNA.  We got to walk his late Great-Grandfathers ‘wild’ orange orchard of which still today, he allows it to just be, and grow in nature, wildly as it does… all by itself. He doesn’t water it, prune, mitigate or otherwise. We have to admit, his oranges are the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Nothing comparable really. Nor is his orange essential oil! 🙂

In Corsica, however the climate is globally known to be perfect for growing the most exceptional and therapeutically adept Helichrysum italicum plant who’s flowers are used to produce the essential oil of the same name. Helichrysum italicum essential oil is known as one a top natural remedy for the skin and does wonders for pain.  It decreases inflammation and regenerates cells.  It’s other uses include:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Soothes stress

Helichrysum italicum essential oil is truly wonderful, it is our favorite.  But there’s actually another essential oil which outperforms it in every way:

Special aged Helichrysum italicum essential oil

Like fine wines, some essential oils get better with age. And we’re delighted to say, we carry  it! This most precious natural remedy is offered to you – direct. No middleman. No layered tiers of pricing. From farmer to you. Like all our essential oils, Special aged Helichrysumitalicumis available in a range of bottles from 2ml to 120ml, and costs as little as $9. What’s more, if you’re curious and have never tried it before, you can  order a sample! If you know it… please do compare.

Just click here to buy, or find out more about Special aged Helichrysum italicum

Why not take a look right now, while this is fresh on your mind?

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