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COVID-19’s Hidden Risk that Everyone’s Ignoring

First the Upside: Locally, Nationally and Globally it is appearing WE as a ONE collective are working as a team. Never before have we as a humanity taken such immediate and focused care about our health and well being.  This is the most amazing thing to see these days. In some respects, this is an incredible […]

Build and Manage Your Immunity: A Coronavirus Antidote?

What if you had a magic key to help keep your immune system strong and less likely to succumb to illness? Perceive the possibility for just a moment… that the first step in boosting immunity lies within you. You may further consider creating your own antidote of sorts through preventative healthcare measures. As word of […]

What “Really” is a Pure Essential Oil: Dissecting the Truth

Everyone’s saying the same thing, using the same marketing terminology, and the word ‘pure’ seems to be the most popular word around. Oh yes, “PURE” is passed around in all the chit chat or at all the essential oil parties no matter which one you happen to attend. Well, there is good reason! If you’re using an essential oil […]