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We are surfing the waves of COVID-19. This next one is a ride we didn’t expect. Ananda will shut down weekday operations from April 10 through April 23. We will honor all orders placed through April 9.  We will resume shipping April 23 ,2020 9am MST

The Reasons for Closure?? It’s a Supply and Demand thing

a. Currently our European suppliers are either shut down completely or unable to ship

Our suppliers are shut down until further notice or unable to ship with any guarantee we will receive them. We get the majority of our essential oils from Europe and across the globe, rather than domestically. This contributes significantly to our ability to provide product in demand. Our ability get shipments from the EU — mainly our co-op in France — is compromised due to COVID-19.

b. Our Time Delay has Increased

We are currently now 10 days lead-out to shipping any order we currently receive. The initial skyrocket spike in sales of anti-viral and anti-bacterial products left us initially overwhelmed and we have yet been able to catch up given our skeleton staff. We are already a very small family-run business.

c. Oils We Can Supply Need Testing, First

Oils we had received from the EU before the shut down have yet to pass Quality Assurance testing protocols. Due to the priority of order fulfillment, and only operating on a skeleton crew, this same crew is the only crew qualified to execute the laborious process. Each oil is a 3 hour process for clearance before the oil can be legally, rightfully sold. Eco-Certification requirements are also necessary on all oils that are organic, which takes additional time.
Passing Quality Assurance is the first step. Decanting and then re-bottling and labeling is another labor intensive operation before anything can get on the shelves.

Our team is working diligently and doing the best we can. But they need a reprieve so we can catch up, and take the calm and focused effort to properly be present to execute quality assurance protocols and ensure accuracy and integrity for each product. We firmly believe in operating with a relaxed state of presence so the end-product does not carry on any hasty energy and pass on to you. Further, we strive for accuracy in all ways. Our team prefers to do it right, than to hurry up and get it done. We hope you understand.

d. We are Out of Stock

Due to the above (c), we are out of stock on some of the oils in demand. While we can supply some very soon, these oils are technically out of stock until they go through the proper QA protocols – You get the picture. 🙂 Further, we will not be able to supply some of the oils customers are demanding because we are unable to get resupplies of them due to our mention (a) above.

While we have temporarily run out of stock of a few of our best-selling oils, we have taken the initiative to replenish our supply in within our abilities. This temporary closure will allow us to catch up and have some restocked will be restocked, we hope by April 20 2020. Our CBD store is not affected. It will remain open. You can shop there at 

e. Our Staff Needs Recovery Time

Our skeleton staff is working incredibly hard to fulfill your orders in a timely manner. They are on their feet all day long without stop, save for hydrating and refueling. Given the strain this is from a business operation standpoint, they are also human and are feeling the stress on many levels due to these swift changes in family dynamics, and the local, national and global news being revealed daily. It would be unconscionable for Ananda as a health and well-being provider to disregard the needs of the people making this all happen.

As mentioned in our last notice… we passionately believe in the power of positivity, in remaining calm & strong within the midst of crisis. Moreover, we wholeheartedly advocate supporting a resilient, healthy, and active immune response.

It is time to take care of ourselves more than ever.
Nurture our rest, our mind, our body,
And soothe nervous system.
It is time to take care of each other too. 


We are well aware stress is the primary factor in lowering immune response. As a result, we are already developing new products to address the emotional and metal body, as well as the nervous system to help manage a healthy, calm, and positive composure within the body for overall well-being. Natural medicine practices are fully integrative… meaning, it is not just a pointed symptom. The entire body is whole and communicates inherently to itself. Therefore, we can not only treat the immune system, but must also consider just as importantly, the mind, the emotion, the physical, and the inner spirit for an optimal immune and wholly functioning vessel.

We will soon make each individual product of our I AM Collection available for this very reason. To empower the mind, the emotions and the inner, amazing, Spirit within to get through these waves and help neutralize the fear and panic and radical shifts and routines we are all going through. It is a collective endeavor globally – but an individual pursuit that makes all the difference.

Our first release will be the I AM Strong elixir, as we feel in this moment we all need to be Strong to get through this life-changing time. You’ll find it comes with a wonderful and empowering mantra/message. Stay tuned! We have some guided meditations coming forth with these blends. We leave you with it today.


Strength comes not from physical abilities, but of the inner, innate aspect of the Soul. It takes more strength to be open of heart, than it does to be closed of heart. In the most challenging of times, the strong one rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, unharmed and more beautiful. Strength is of a knowingness that nothing can harm, destroy or detour your vision, dreams, or emotional experiences in the face of fire or upset to perceived comfort. What will happen is going to happen. Nothing or no circumstance can diminish the innate omnipresence. Here within, courage blossoms out of thin air and bears the fruit of firm conviction of one’s own integrity, ability and surrender to all outcome. Destiny is embraced.

~Repeat this as often as Needed~

RE-GIFT THE GIFT? Now with a minimum purchase of $55, we’ll toss in a FREE 5ml bottle of Organic Bulgarian Lavender- Use Code: Lav5. If you’ve already stocked up on Lavender, consider giving it to someone who may need it. Might we also suggest, to make your $55 order complete, try our new Purify Hand Sanitizer. It helps keep germs at bay while keeping hands hydrated and comfy rather than drying out! Our Purify and Super Immune blends are also back in stock, should you need a re-supply. Get your order in before April 9, as we are closed April 10-17. Offer Expires April 10. THIS INCLUSION WILL NOT show up in your cart or invoice.



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