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Ananda’s Closure… Is it Permanent?

We Want You To Know – We Have Heard You.  Your sentiments are  important to us. We are considering our next steps with YOU in mind. Dearest Ananda Customers~ Many of you have asked us if this closure is permanent, or if there is any way we may be able to remain open, or make [...]

We Want You To Know – We Have Heard You.  Your sentiments are  important to us. We are considering our next steps with YOU in mind.

Dearest Ananda Customers~

Many of you have asked us if this closure is permanent, or if there is any way we may be able to remain open, or make a comeback once things get sorted globally and here in the US.

As we’ve disclosed previously, 2020 has been one unprecedented, unpredictable and unusual year for us. Ananda is significantly affected by this radical shift in life otherwise commonly referred to as a serious health circumstance.

With the closures of international borders, flight restrictions, business shutdowns and a host of many other situations still shifting daily– we have been dealt circumstances beyond our control.   As you know, 80% of our raw goods come from abroad, mainly France. This puts a major kink into our operations and ability to operate ‘business as usual’ in Light of the global circumstance. Despite the demand, our supply chain has been disrupted.

Closing Our Doors… Is it Permanent?
We just don’t know. But for now we are closing doors and our website stores will not be available for shopping.  The sites will remain active for information purposes.

Given the supply disruption, it was inevitable our inventory would be depleted. Therefore with sound business practice, we have chosen to close and liquidate at this time.

As we previously revealed, the company has struggled financially in the previous three years leading up to 2020. When our beloved Founder of Ananda, Eric Cech, left this planet at the beginning of 2018 —it dealt a hefty blow, of which we’ve been reeling from ever since.  This year’s global shutdowns left little room to negotiate otherwise. In March when we announced we’d call it a day, something more unbelievable happened.

The Turning Point
Following our disclosure we heard from you in heartfelt response. While we have been aware throughout our tenure of the loyalty and love that Ananda Customers have reflected since 2004, we did not expect such an outpouring of hope of our return, pleas to remain open, and countless testimonies of how Ananda has been instrumental in your lives.

We Want You To Know – We Have Heard You.  Your Sentiments are Important to Us. We Are Considering Our Next Steps With YOU In Mind.

The Good News is…
We are taking this turn of events and reconsidering many options.  We can not say just yet, if or when we will return. One thing is clear, however, much reflection has been done in this time of sweeping changes.  Ananda as it is – or has been, will need a serious reboot. This may in fact be the most opportune time to figure many things out and determine the best course for the greatest good of all.

We also have Nature on our side. She is now blooming and many of the aromatic and therapeutic plants will be ready for harvest soon, if they aren’t already.  The next year’s fresh batches of oils are on their way at distilleries.  By August which is the norm, the harvests will be complete for most, with the exceptions of some plants which come to their fruition in the Fall. We trust timing is on our side on many levels.

What we do not know is how international shipping will be played out. This is a critical factor.

Shipping Holds the Key
When international borders shut, it left us unable to receive goods. To date, we’re still experiencing multiple roadblocks with customs and international shipments.
Domestically we’re seeing shipping issues, too.  Normal shipping routes out of Boulder, Colorado have been re-routed to US Postal stations in two different states before making their way to their destination. Different protocols are in effect across the board both internationally and domestically. This results in delays.
The ever changing information we are hearing from health, politics and business operations, certainly makes things unpredictable, doesn’t it?
To this end, we have found that from a sound business perspective, the inability to run ‘as usual’, is out of our hands.
You may ask ‘Why don’t you just purchase from domestic suppliers?’. Well, we have. Nationwide this industry has felt the pinch of the pandemic.  Majority of essential oils are grown and distilled in the EU and around the world, not the USA.
Therefore, US wholesale vendors are also experiencing a depletion and inability to resupply in quantities requested.  As the common phrase now goes: We are all in this together… or We are all in the same boat.


We have closed our doors for now, as of July 6, 2020. We will continue to update you as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters.

Thank you for all you are, your support,  and best wishes. You’ve been a boon!

The Ananda Team~


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