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Mother Nature’s remedies for


Ananda sources exquisite Essential Oils straight from nature to you.

Our products are used around the world and respected by aromatherapists for their potency and purity. We source directly from our farmers to guarantee our customers maximum freshness, affordability, and quality.

Our Devotion to the Plant Medicines is expressed in each one of our tailor-made products

Our formulations are designed and extracted in respect to Nature’s Harmony. All essential oils selected in our creations have been carefully curated to support an optimal Healing and Wellbeing. We are profoundly inspired by the Earth Symphony and love to refelct in our Alchemy!

Every Ananda product is 100% pure, sustainable and contains no fillers, additives, preservatives, or pesticides. We extract our oils as perfectly gifted by nature.

Pure Essential Oils

Every product we make is designed for both therapeutic and home use. They are pure, concentrated, and potent to ensure safety and efficacy.

Direct to consumer

We source directly from our distillers for maximum affordability and quality. This insure potency and freshness for our customers

Support and training

Our team is here for you through every step of your wellness journey. We’ve created training guides, videos, and tutorials on how to use our products and make your owns to enhance your life. See our Blog and Forum!

Artisan Distillation

We work directly with conscious artisans from around the world to source each and every oil. Every variety of plant is sustainably cultivated in its ideal growing regions. The essence of each plant is carefully drawn out and sustained through mindful distillation.

The Ananda Apothecary
Established in Boulder, Colorado, 2004

Boulder is special. It is the birthplace of countless organic companies and products, a leader in eco-consciousness, and a widespread community of nature lovers. This is why we call it home and love it.

Ananda’s original founder, Eric Cech, was truly the creative source and life-blood of Ananda Apothecary in its early years. A new adventure is now taking place at Ananda! Eric’s loving partner, Anita Sananda, is now the new wings. As devoted to the plants as Eric, she continues to write the story with incredible strength and resilience. She brings forth a dedication toward synchronizing the brightest minds in the botanical world to create an harmonious apothecary to support the healing of our customers, the Earth and connect the cultures of the World who still live in harmony with it.

Anita Sananda

Guardian of Ananda Apothecary

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