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DIY Essential Oil Recipe: Beat the Winter Blues! Create Sunshine in a Bottle

Here’s an essential oil recipe you can make at home. With Winter in full swing, a little sunshine can do a LONG way! Amidst longer days and darker nights, the colder weather and leafless trees, it is easy to feel a little less charged than in the warmer months. We’ve put together a wonderfully uplifting […]

Top 5 Essential Oils for Winter: Kick the Winter Blues, Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

It’s All Nature~ Winter Weather, Winter Blues and the Circadian Rhythm For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot is shifting as we enter the New year. We’ve just experienced the shortest and darkest day of the year: the Winter Solstice. This marks the official move through the initiation of Autumn into […]

Essential Oils for Seasonal Affective Disorder – Improving Mood Disorders

Most of us, at one time or another, have been affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). S.A.D is a mood disorder and differs from those suffering from clinical depression by the seasonal component. Onset symptoms that typically occur during the change of seasons at the end of fall or beginning of winter. S.A.D. affects both […]

The Power of Oxidation and Antioxidants

One of the more common questions involves the typical shelf life of an essential oil. Many essential oils vary in shelf life, and some actually smell better as they age. Oils are spoiled due to oxidation. Oxidation is a process of chemical reactions with free radicals that produce byproducts, eventually making the oil unsuitable, or […]

The Three Most Popular Anti-Bacterial Essential Oils, and Which One We Think Is Best!

Almost every essential oil ever tested for anti-bacterial activity has shown at least a moderate anti-bacterial action, and there are a few oils that are most highly regarded for this property, namely Oregano, Tea Tree and ‘Benchmark’ Thyme – though one of these stands out as our favorite.     Oregano is the ‘heavy hitter’ […]

Menstrual Symptoms Alleviated by Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage

Just published in the ‘Evidence Based Complementary Medicine’ journal was a double-blind, placebo controlled study showing aromatherapy abdominal massage relieved symptoms of menstrual pain. The recipe used contained lavender, rose, cinnamon and clove, based in almond oil. Here’s what we would recommend: 3 parts Lavender (any) 1 part Rose Otto (any) 1/4 part Cinnamon CO2 […]

Unwind with this Massage Blend Including Lavender, Palmarosa & Frankincense

Our modern world is full of daily stressors: traffic, long hours at work, caring for ailing parents or ones own children, etc. Unfortunately, many people are overworked and under rested in general. Further, only 31% of Americans say that they get enough sleep at night. Everyone else attempts to function on a less-than-adequate 5-7 hours […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Aromatherapy Liquid Soaps and Shampoos

Why Making Soaps And Shampoos Is A Great Way To Learn To Blend Essential Oils We often get questions regarding what essential oils to use for what purpose. And we’ll give a few suggestions on what one could try in their recipe. Though many folks that are just starting out using essential oils are somewhat […]

Essential Oils to Induce Sleep and Relieve Anxiety

It must have been planetary; The other day, folks here in the office and out in the world were rife with anxiety. Perhaps it was a matter of life transition, seasonal change, or just short nights of sleep during the long summer days. In any case, anxiety feels good to no one. Myself, I researched […]

Essential Oils to Detoxify the Body

The liver is responsible for over 500 bodily functions, and is peripherally involved in every single physiological function. As the organ that cleanses the blood coming from the digestive tract before sending it to other parts of the body, the liver occasionally needs support to function properly. Enter essential oils! All of the toxins and chemicals […]