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Reply To: Toenail Fungus


What would be the best formula and protocol to help fight a severe toenail infection for an adult?
I mean, a formula which can fight the fungus and at the same time help the nail to regrow properly.

1) “Benchmark Thyme” seems great to kill the fungus; but what would be the optimal dilution?
2) “Rosalina” seems great to at the same time fight the infection (but may be too “soft”) and help the skin/nail regrow; but what would be the optimal dilution?
3) And what about mixing “Benchmark Thyme” and “Rosalina”? What would be the proportion of each for dilution?
4) Should I add, and at what proportion, some Geranium (great for skin regrowth), Lavender, Lemongrass, Palmarosa, Tea Tree?

Note: as carrier oil I am planning to use Jojoba.
In advance, thanks for the help!