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Reply To: oxygen in the brain


[quote=”flossy”]rebecca thank you so much for this information.[/quote]

You’re welcome Flossy, I received your email but found no way to reply to it.
In answer to your question in regards to my knowledge of EO’s I don’t really have any. My daughter had me try peppermint and lavander EO’s when a had congestion in my sinus’ and chest and it worked, my grandson suffers bad from allergies and it’s been working great for his congestion too. I found that lavander also relieves stress headachs. Then one day when I went for a massage I noticed that there was a cool mist difuser in the massage room and found it to be very relaxing and enjoyable so I got an EO difusser and wasn’t satisfied until I upgraded to a cool mist fountain diffuser which I enjoy considerably. So basically I’ve just started expirmenting with oils for different little ailments to find what works for me.
All of the information I’ve posted in this forum is just what I’ve found doing internet research. The above info was very difficult to come by and I couldn’t tell you now where it was even found but I found it very interesting and thought I’d share it for others to consider.
I have lung cancer that there is no treatments for so what the heck, I figured why not give it a try? It certainly can’t hurt me. I have no way of knowing if it is of any use at all as I feel no reason to keep having tests to show my progress. I’ve already given in to the fact that the cancer is going to kill me and don’t see reason to keep spending lots of $$$ for tests to show me how fast.
My thoughts on the above is that if it helps my body in anyway to fight back then it may keep me alive to enjoy another day with my family. I have no expectations, high or low. But I have bought the highest % from each of those groups that I can get my hands on and I use them several times daily. I also throw in a few others with healing properties and rose EO for its energizing properties(said to energize at the cellular level) because I figure if you give your cells more energy they may be able to accomplish more.
You seem to know that the environment is de-energizing us all faster than we can keep up, thus your comment in the email about people turning into zombies underneath. I found that to be the best description of the commmon condition I had seen yet. I have also moved to the lake for fresh air that I believe we all need. There’s just something refreshing about the air by the water, when I lived in the city I always felt like I couldn’t find fresh clean air to breath so I would go out to the country to walk when I had the chance.
If a miracle should happen and I live through this dreadful illness I would be forever greatful, but if I only gain more time to be with my family then I am also greatful. If not, I had nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying this.
The only thing I feel from it so far is that I sleep better and that in itself makes me feel better to get through the daily tasks. I certainly don’t feel like super woman but feeling more rested helps in a lot of ways.