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Reply To: EO Sample Kits


Kits are easy to make on ones own initiative. Knowing what I now know, I would’ve just started reading about every essential oil stocked, from A to Z, and adding samples to my cart as I went. I too want most of them. Alternatively, doing a search in the left hand box on a topic generates lists. e.g. the First Aid list by some aromatherapist, and helpful articles.
After smelling the samples I might have picked better instead of being overwhelmed. Aus currency has dropped 30% and shipping is lots.. so have rushed to get oils before it gets worse.

I now know some oils carry out the actions of several, and that I prefer some to others. Palo Santo for example unexpectedly covers the spiritual and meditation oils for me although all EO have an effect on the subtle. Palmarosa does a whole lot of interesting things and so it goes on.