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Reply To: Blending Strength


Ok, I haven’t seen this addressed: without having a recipe, how do I think about concentrations when using more than one oil? Suppose I had 2 oils that I knew I shouldn’t use higher than, say, a 5% concentration for each. Also suppose that each oil has 40 drops per ml.

If I wanted a 5% concentration for each oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil and I used 60 drops (1.5 ml) for EACH oil (for a total of 120 drops / 3 mls) that would give me a 10% concentration of EOs per 1 ounce but a 5% concentration of each oil. Which is the correct way to think about this?

I guess what I’m worried about is the fact that a 10% concentration sounds too high even if each oil is within a safe range. As you can see, this becomes more critical when using many oils in a blend.