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Reply To: Diffusing w/water


[quote=”Ananda Staff”]Hi – ‘less effective’ in only one sense. The aromas themselves have proven effects – altering relaxation, concentration, etc. and in these cases, the water/ultrasonics are great.

IF one is, for example – as we do – wanting to inhale a good amount of the oil for health support (as we may do with Super Immune when something is ‘going around’), it’s really only possible with a nebulizing diffuser which does not use water, just oil. Note that these are not ‘burners’, but use only just air to create a mist of the essential oil.

Hope this helps![/quote]
I’m slightly confused about this. If the aromas have proven effects then that contradicts where you mention that the oils don’t have any health effects because the ‘mechanism’ is exactly the same.

When you put in (say) eucalyptus into the diffuser, the oil particles are going into the air to be breathed in(for health benefits and/or mood changing via the limbic system) whether you use an ultrasonic or a nebuliser. The only reason why people claim a nebuliser is more effective is because a small fraction of the oils in the ultrasonic attach to the wall or stay at the bottom so they don’t get used, whereas in a nebuliser all of the oil is used