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Reply To: Percents of top, middle, and base notes


From what you write your preference may be for ‘woody oriental’ perfume family. If you google this you should be able to find examples and then ingredients in famous/respected w.o. perfumes.
for example Angel: “is a voluptuous Oriental Gourmand with a celestial top of bergamot and helional air. A heart of fruit and honey, base of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli.” This might help you with ideas.
There is an annual Perfumes Of the World book which describes and classifies every perfume known to be or have been sold for maybe 80 years. Some shops have these in Australia anyway to help their perfumery staff.
I too will likely experiment, I might try a tiny bit of each ingredient oil on my skin to pretest whether it is ripped into bits and made into cemetery flowers or worse..