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Reply To: Ulcerative Colitis


hi. I have had Crohn’s 25 years and also work in an environment with C Diff is commonly seen. To protect myself, of course, hand hygiene is super important as the C diff spores aren’t removed from alcohol based hand sanitizers. Regarding EO use, I apply either oregano, clove oil and cinnamon oil – neat to my feet after a hot shower to assist in absorption. Few drops on one foot then few drops of another oil on other foot. I also take a few drops internally inside a capsule and would add On Guard or super immune type blends. Also, with active C diff, diet is a huge issue. I would remove all sugar and wheat, ramp up on healthy bacteria like goat yogurt, high grade probiotics, lots of water and rest. The doctor prescribed antibx is a huge culprit of C diff, key is to get off the antibx asap and repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria

best of health…