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Reply To: Help for Insomnia

ananda staff


Well, Lavender is the ‘go to’ oil for insomnia, though there are others that have helped. Roman chamomile (choose our one from Hungary) is one, and Mandarin is another. Mandarin is noted as ‘the children’s remedy’ in France, for its assistance in calming children.

It is important to note that when using these oils, lavender for example, that only a ‘hint’ of the aroma should be detectable. Too much can be stimulating. I’ve used just a drop or two on the pillow (or under), or on the bedspread. Another essential oil may help, and you may want to try these before moving to other measures. There are many natural, herbal remedies available which I’ve also used. ‘Sound Sleep’ from Gaia Herbs is one.

Hope this helps!