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Reply To: when to use an EO vs. taking oral supplements?



I was also curious about Frankincense. I’ve seen these in supplement form. I like the EO form, I think it’s potent. Has anyone else here ever notice it giving you vivid dreams or nightmares so realistic, you feel it physically? While nightmares may not be good, this just proves Frankincense is potent. I was using a diffuser for hours and upon sleeping it seemed to have given me vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares. It was fun either way. I was just wondering if the supplement form would be much more potent in being psychoactive as Frankincense allegedly is. I’ve read of people actually getting high off its resins. I was curious if resin’s aroma would be more potent and long lasting than an EO, which evaporates. So if I had resins, could I let it sit for weeks or months and the aroma would still be present?