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Reply To: PTSD


Giving you some quick thoughts immediately. Having been thru that immediately response is bergamot, it helps release the bad memories and reduce laying them down… I kept drinking earl grey tea thru bad marriage. next something cleansing of the soul, fragonia and lovely rosalina. They say it relates to the heart chakra. Feels like that to me. Beautiful oil. Sniffing or rubbing carotids on neck or base of the skull near spine helped me. In principle the spiritual oils which affect the limbic would be excellent. frankincense does something, but I get more much much from Palo Santo. PS is remarkable for me, just sniffing and drops on various points. I would try samples first and sniff all. Think it will be apparent immediately which are helpful.

Having seen 9 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists, all retraumatisng and exploitive, finally one told me that they could do ZERO other than keep retrtaumatising me as they questioned and wrote in pencil on cheap writing pads. .their ways do not heal the limbic.

So I used EFT, Tapping, by myself. fantastic. Saw how to do it by googling.
US Govt in the past few years took PTSD Viet vets who still not functional,(e.g. could not leave homes) and one week of several hours per day EFT they did on themselves and they were fixed or 90 % fixed. can google for that. Clears out the trauma. NO re-experiencing it either.
Using oils as well would make this deeper and better.
The oils gently and kindly let one rebuild.