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Reply To: Rash on small dog


It would help if we knew what kind of rash it is. The vet prescribed prednisone and this makes me think of allergies. Allergies are hard to treat. There are seasonal allergies, year round allergies and food allergies. What do they feed the dog ? Depending on the diet, remove wheat, soy and other allergens, preferably feed fresh meat or moist food, not dried food. Stress can also cause itching. Here is a recipe for itchy skin (from the book of Essential Oils for Animals by Nayana Morag) :

50 ml Aloe Vera gel, or gel of witch hazel, lavender, chamomile
10 ml Calendula infused oil
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops Roman or German Chamomile, or Yarrow, or Helichrysum
3 drops Frankincense, or Myrhh, or Patchouli

Add essential oils to the infused oil, and then stir into the gel. If you don’t use infused oil, stir the essential oils straight into the gel. Slowly stir in up to 50 ml of the hydrosols until you reach the required consistency.

There is another book with recipes called Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell

I know that prednisone in the long run is not good. I had an allergic dog for 12 years and he got diabetic from the prednisone. It also kills the immune system. At the time I did not not know about alternatives. And the only thing that helped with the itching was prednisone. I have not had an allergic dog since, but also instead of feeding dog food I fed and still feed people food. I cook for my dog. He gets raw beef (sirloin, top of round…) mixed with a little bit of rice and vegetables. If the dog gets heartworm medicine or flea and tick medicine I would stop that and see what happens. The dog I had before this one, what on heartworm medicine during the summer months when the mosquitoes were too much to handle and each time he developed a staph infection. From the day I stopped the heartworm preventative when we moved to Arizona he never had another staph infection.