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Reply To: Sciatic Pain


oh dburger, I have a similar issue years go but was not diagnosed properly as yours was. However symptoms similar including the pain on the bottom of my feet when walked.. felt like an unanaesthetised dentist drill plus other agony and my ankle was pulled apart because of muscle spasm so it was 6″ in diameter for a 10 months. Muscle spasms occurred elsewhere in my body and it was horrendous. I did get over it, kept mobile and stretched. Was in wheelchair etc now and then, and had a 5 month old babe, breastfeeding so no painkillers. You will recover.

Agree STRONGLY, NO cortisone, it kills mitochondria thus cells die… terrible stuff. I agree with Merlin’s mix.
I wonder if you also have inflammation of the nerve. Rubbing over the lower back and the nerve plexus and painful areas sounds right. Getting onto this immediately sound right, do not delay as if inflammation builds up it gets worse in my experience.

Watch out for muscle spasms because of the stimulated upset nerves. Be very careful about twists or lifting, no high heels. NO getting down on the floor( getting up is very hard) or any action which will cause stress. Would be good if you had some relief from the long time standing, lying down for bit now and then and stretching out would be good. good luck. Thinking kind and loving thoughts at the torn discs etc can be helpful in releasing any emotional trauma located there.